• 2021/2022 Impact Report


  • 4th Grade Lunch Audio Book Group: Once a week 4th grade students were welcomed to the library during lunch to listen to an audiobook. The books featured were Frindle, Escaping the Giant Wave, and How to Steal a Dog.
  • Battles: 2nd grade students participated in the Fairy Tale Battle and 4th and 5th grade students participated in a Battle of the Books against teachers. The battles are a quiz style competition based on books. The Fairy Tale Battle is a mix of traditional and fractured tales. The 4th and 5th grade battle list contains 15 chapter books.
  • Author Visits: Students in 3rd-5th grades welcomed Dan Geimenhart, author of Some Kind of Courage and The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise, to Woodstone to talk about being an author and not giving up on your goals. 2nd-5th grade students visited with Aaron Reynolds virtually to learn about his new chapter book series, Fart Quest.
  • Reading Promotions: Woodstone students had the opportunity to participate in the Schlitterbahn Waves of Pages program, March Book Brackets, the 12 Days of Books, Season Readings, and the Literacy Pumpkin Patch among others.
  • Book Vending Machine: Woodstone students can be nominated to receive a token for a high interest book from our vending machine. Students can earn tokens for showing good character traits and are able to keep the books for their home library.
students holding books
ebooks books in collection
ebooks books checked out

kinder students looking at books


  • 3rd Grade Matter Stations: 3rd grade students rotated through stations designed to enrich their study of the states of matter. Stations incorporated library skills such as using text features, as well as technology, art and science activities. Students enjoyed sorting different types of matter and creating a “menu of matter” by finding pictures in magazines.
  • Kinder Community Helpers Inquiry: Kinder students participated in a multi week inquiry of the tools different community helpers use for their jobs. Students sorted tools that 4 community helpers use. Then they research the tools a specific community helper uses. Finally they wrote sentences about the tools that community helpers use.
  • 2nd Grade American Symbols Sketchnotes: 2nd grade students utilized PebbleGo to sketchnote American Symbols, such as the Liberty Bell and Bald Eagle. Sketchnoting is a form of note taking that utilizes words and pictures to activate both sides of the brain for deeper understanding.
  • 5th Grade Argumentative Text research using databases: 5th grade students used the library databases, SIRS Discoverer and Gale in Context to research information for their argumentative text writing assignment “Should Exotic Animals Be Kept as Pets.”
  • 4th Grade Genre Mix: Students listened to “Meet-the-Author” recordings from the library resource, TeachingBooks and discussed what genre they thought the book was based on the characteristics of the books and summary the author mentioned.

librarian and students adding information to research chart

Lesson Spotlight

First graders spent multiple weeks in the library researching what animals do in the winter. It started when the librarian read a few picture books showing a bear hibernating in a cave, a frog hibernating in mud and geese migrating. Students had questions about why the animals did different things. They looked through many books about animals, hibernation and migration and drew pictures of the animals on pieces of paper that were then added to a chart with the words HIBERNATE, MIGRATE and ADAPT. The following week students sorted the pictures of animals into more detailed categories. For example, animals that hibernate in caves and animals that hibernate under leaves or logs. Finally, the students wrote sentences about what they had learned and used the iPads and the Draw and Tell app to make a movie about what animals do in the winter.



  • Madison Cluster Elementary Librarian Monthly Meeting: Each month the elementary librarians in the Madison cluster meet for a working lunch to plan lessons, brainstorm, discuss ideas and support each other.
  • 4th Grade Genre Book Tasting : The Woodstone Library was transformed into the “Woodstone Cafe” for 4th graders to sample the different fiction genres available in the Woodstone Library. The cafe, complete with checkered tablecloths and genre menus, featured the librarian and 4th grade ELAR teacher serving tastings of Mystery, Science Fiction and Fantasy books just to name a few.
  • Collaboration with Huebner Librarian for Learning in the Loo: The Woodstone and Huebner librarians collaborated to provide “Learning in the Loo,” a flipped PD experience that highlighted instructional strategies for teachers to implement into their classroom teaching, such as “Connect the Dots.” This strategy asks students to provide justification for how 4 things can be connected.
  • Nursery Rhyme Olympics: Kindergarten students spent the 3rd nine weeks on a Nursery Rhyme unit which culminated in the Nursery Rhyme Olympics. The Olympics featured activities such as ordering numbers on a clock for “Hickory, Dickory Dock” and carrying water balloons across a balance beam for “Jack and Jill.”
  • Imagination Station Grant Writing: The Woodstone Librarian, principal and various teachers collaborated to write a NEEF grant for an interactive classroom that allows students to engage their multiple intelligences through imaginative, focused play and exploration.

Collaboration Spotlight

On the first day of every month, the Woodstone Librarian and Woodstone Principal visit each classroom and deliver the “Principal’s Book of the Month.” Each month there is a different book that is read by the principal and then delivered to the teachers and students for their class library. Not only does this allow the principal to visit every classroom, but also enables everyone at Woodstone to read a common text and interact with that text in a variety of ways, creating not only a literacy co mmunity, but enforcing habits and mindsets wanted at Woodstone. Teachers can then use the books as mentor texts for reading, writing and SEL discussions.


librarian, principal and student with book of the month

Campus Leader

  • Staff Training: The librarian created a flipped PD experience that highlighted instructional strategies for teachers to implement into their classroom teaching. The librarian also modeled these strategies during library lessons.
  • Community: The librarian and counselor repurposed a bookshelf into a Little Free Library for the Woodstone community. The Little Free Library is located on the front porch of the school and allows community members and Woodstone families to drop off children’s books they have read and/or take a book they would like to read.
  • Advocacy: The librarian posts weekly on the Woodstone library Facebook and Twitter pages. These posts showcase happenings in the Woodstone Library.
  • Campus Leadership: The Woodstone librarian is involved in many aspects of leadership on the campus. Besides serving on the leadership team, the librarian is in charge of the morning announcements, is a member of the Campus Improvement Team, the Special Areas GLC and the Secretary for the Woodstone PTA.
  • Professional Learning: The librarian attended NEISD Reading Academy with grade levels on her campus. She also attended the Texas Library Association’s annual conference and district provided librarian professional development.
2nd grade students collaborating on activity
1st grade students writing about Rango the bearded dragon