• Our Curriculum

  • Unique Opportunities at Our Campus

    Chicken Coop (Ag Magnet)

    Our most recent feature to highlight at Woodstone Elementary is our AgriScience component from the Imagination Stations grant issued by the North East Education foundation. We currently have a flock of amazing hens on site. Our students are able to visit and help care for these ladies as a learning experience. This unique learning opportunity supports our effort to create a magnet setting related to the NEISD Agriculture program housed at Madison High School. 

    Book Vending Machine

    Woodstone was the first campus in NEISD to acquire a book vending machine. Students earn tokens for books for their home libraries by receiving nominations for showing good character traits or random acts of kindness.  Since receiving the book vending machine in 2019-20, over 250 books have gone home with students. 

    School Garden

    In addition to the chickens mentioned above, we also have a campus garden with sections maintained by each grade level. Teachers provide lessons in the classroom which are then continued into hands-on learning opportunities in the garden itself. Students participate and observe the growing process of planting seeds, maintaining the beds and harvesting the produce themselves. 

    Imagination Station

    The Woodstone Imagination Station is a dedicated space where students can freely explore stations focused on the development of multiple intelligences through imaginative, focused play and exploration. This space provides a creative outlet for exploration and learning for all students.


    Our campus is fortunate to be a part of the District’s early childhood program. We are one of a limited number of campuses in North East that offer an inclusive Early Childhood Special Education and Pre-Kindergarten classroom setting. These classrooms offer early learning opportunities which focus on both academic readiness and social-emotional growth. 

    Gifted & Talented

    North East ISD has an elementary G/T program for identified students in grades K-5. The G/T program is designed to meet the educational needs of students performing well above peers of the same age, experience, and environment. To qualify for G/T services, students must demonstrate an academic need on nationally normed ability and achievement tests. Students who participate in services designed for gifted students will demonstrate skills in self-directed learning, thinking, research, and communication as evidenced by the development of innovative products and performances that are advanced in relation to students of similar age, experience, or environment and that reflect individuality and creativity. Students identified for G/T services attend G/T classes weekly.  For more information, please reach out to the elementary campus G/T teacher.

    GT K-2

    In grades K-2 identified kinder, first, and second-grade students receive GT services through a pull-out service model once weekly. Young gifted learners focus their attention on different types of thinking: 

    • Deductive Thinking
    • Inductive Thinking
    • Creative Thinking
    • Visual/Spatial Thinking
    • Evaluative Thinking
    • Critical Thinking

    GT 3-5

    In grades 3-5 identified third, fourth, and fifth-grade students receive GT services through a pull-out service model once weekly. Upper elementary GT students focus their learning on:

    • Systems Thinking
    • Masterpieces and Mysteries of Mankind
    • Eminent People and Philosophy
    • An intermediate GT student also has advanced experiences in literature, algebraic reasoning, Socratic seminar, and technology applications.

  • Unique Opportunities in Our Clusters

    Welcome to the Madison Cluster in the North East Independent School District. As a Woodstone Elementary School student, your child will establish a passion, curiosity, and foundation for life-long learning while nurturing their social and emotional skills. Outside of the classroom, your child can embrace what they love or try something new through diverse clubs, programs and organizations. 

    Your child will discover even more opportunities at Harris and Wood Middle School. As their academic foundation expands in the classroom, their circle of friends and experiences will grow through new opportunities in Athletics, Fine Arts, Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, competitive UIL contests, and more. 

    At Madison High School, your child will excel academically and socially while embracing beloved Maverick traditions with memories that will last a lifetime. Your child has the freedom and support to pursue their passions in a variety of nationally recognized programs, organizations, and clubs – from Athletics to JROTC, Band, Dance, PALS, Photography, UIL, and much more. Madison is also home to the nationally-recognized Agriscience Magnet Program (AMP). This magnet prepares high school students for agribusiness careers in seven pathways, including animal science, veterinary medicine, mechanized agriculture, and plant science. 

    There’s so much to discover in the Madison cluster. Thank you for choosing NEISD.

  • Agriscience Magnet Program (AMP)
  • Career & Technical Education Center (CTEC)
  • Design and Technology Academy (DATA)
  • Engineering & Technologies Academy (ETA)
  • Institute of CyberSecurity & Innovation (iCSI)
  • International School of the Americas (ISA)
  • MacArthur UNITED
  • North East School of the Arts (NESA)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Academy
  • English as a Second Language Program

    The Newcomer Program provides a safe and scaffolded learning environment where diversity is valued in transitioning students to meet high expectations for language acquisition, academic achievement, and responsible citizenship.

    The NEISD Newcomer program is for recent arrival of refugees or asylees. This program provides the support of a safe learning environment in order for the students to begin acclimating to U.S. schools. The newcomer program assists students by providing linguistic, cognitive, and academic needs while holding high standards. The students will participate in the program for no more than 2 years as it depends on an individual student basis.

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