• Reading: We will incorporate the study of text structures into our study of nonfiction texts. See the attached pictures at the end of this article.



    Please have your child read for at least 20 minutes daily. There are many resources from our library for students. There is also iStation which is an excellent source for improving reading skills.


    Math: We will continue to study division. Division can be solved using multiplication strategies. The strategies we learned in multiplication will be applied in reverse for the upcoming units. See Strategies poster at the end of this article.


    Science: We will continue to study the solar system for the next 5 weeks. Students will learn the planetary order, asteroid belt, each planet, and the Sun. The sun is made of layers as is the earth. We will be looking at its characteristics and its role for life on earth.




    Remember, if you have any questions, we are here for you.


    PLEASE SCREEN YOUR CHILD DAILY BEFORE COMING ON CAMPUS. Check for COVID symptoms-- fever, aches, cough, sore throat.



    *****Students will need their own water bottle, bring their ipad/charger, and mask.*********


    School Hours: 7:30-2:45

     Masks will be required to enter school. Masks will be worn as much as possible, outside and in the classroom, for your child’s safety. The playground will be used for recess, but masks will still need to be worn at that time. Please consider using a lanyard or sunglasses cord to hang the mask from so students can keep it with them at all times.


    · UNIFORMS will be required. More information is in the newsletter below


    • While on campus and in the classroom, we will be maintaining six feet apart at all times. Desks are spread apart, and we will not be using the carpet or small group table at this time.
    • Each classroom has a sink for handwashing and a hand sanitizing station. Teachers will sanitize throughout the day in addition to extra cleaning done by our custodial staff.