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      Degrees and Certifications:

      Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, UTSA, 2000 Master of Arts degree in Education, UTSA, 2005, Doctor of Education degree, Walden University, 2011

      Dr. Cody Miller

      The Quilt

      For nearly a quarter of a century, this patchwork of lessons and memories still keeps me warm.  The quilt is a daily reminder of the kindness I received from people who did not even know me. I do not know who made this quilt for me but I will cherish it until its last thread.

      Every year, a group of ladies brought handmade quilts to the boys and girls at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch. I received mine when I was 16 years-old while in high school there. Back then, I told myself that someone’s grandmother stitched each square into a quilt just for me.

      That quilt kept me warm during the winters in what used to be a 120 - acre ghost town outside of Amarillo. Someone spent a great deal of time creating that quilt. They did not have to do it, yet they stitched kindness and warmth into a gift that I feel compelled to share.

      The people at Boys Ranch, from the house parents to the teachers, cared about my well-being and me for the years that I was there.  The quilt reminds me of the patience and compassion they did not need to express for a kid who was difficult to love.

      The adults who I remember the most and who impacted me the most were the people who saw past who I was and instead focused on who they believed I could become. Because of them, I rose to their vision of me. Thanks to the patience and guidance that I received at the Boys Ranch, I graduated salutatorian of my senior class.

      Over a 14-year period, I earned a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, a doctorate and now have earned a superintendent certification. I have served as an adjunct instructor and adjunct professor for twelve years at Alamo Community Colleges and Concordia University.

      I say this not to pat myself on the back, but to show that your history is not your destiny. Our children are not defined by what they cannot do, but rather by their strengths and hidden talents. Caring about children and seeing beyond who they are today, to who they have the potential to become, is what teaching is all about.

      As the principal of Larkspur, I expect my staff to envision for your children the opportunities into which they can grow. At this campus, your child is much more than just a test score. Scores cannot reveal your child’s creativity, or kindness or talents. Your children have gifts that make them unique and we will work with you to discover and develop them.

      In 2020, I was given the gift of serving as your principal. My goal is to continue to maintain the same safe and nurturing environment that I desire for my own two sons and three daughters.

      Over the years, the quilt has become frayed here and there, but it’s still a favorite around the house. My kids often use it on their beds or take it camping in the backyard. From time to time, I borrow it back from my kids and curl up with it in my recliner, warmed by the life lesson that our history does not define us – it prepares us.

      Duties and Responsibilities:
      Title IX Coordinator
      Campus Behavior Coordinator

      Assistant Principal

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      Degrees and Certifications:

      Mrs. Ruiz

      Duties and Responsibilities

      Title IX Coordinator & Campus Behavior Coordinator

      Larkspur Elementary's Title IX Coordinator/Campus Behavior Coordinator is primarily responsible for maintaining student discipline and the implementation of this subchapter and for responding to all complaints of possible sex discrimination and coordinating proper responses to complaints.

      Dr. Cody Miller
      Email: cmille1@neisd.net
      Phone: 210-407-4600
      School: Larkspur Elementary School
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