Degrees and Certifications:

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Certification: Physical Education EC-12

Ms. Coach Garcia

My name is Jennifer Garcia and I am currently in my 15th year as a physical education teacher at Stahl Elementary.  I am in my 16th year with North East ISD.  I attended high school in a small South Texas town named Karnes City and went on to further my education at the University of Texas-San Antonio.  My love and passion for all sports and physical activity started at a very young age.  As a high school student I was part of the basketball, softball, track and golf teams.  I currently enjoy playing these sports recreationally.  In my personal time, I enjoy spending time with family, friends and working with clients as a Personal Trainer.  Guiding my students and clients on their fitness journey is truly a rewarding experience!

I believe physical fitness is a key component in a child's ability to succeed in school.  According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control),  "physical education enhances the child's cognitive skills and behavior as well as enhances their concentration and classroom behaviors."  As a physical education teacher, it is my goal to provide children with the opportunity to participate in various sports and physical activities that will aid in academic success as well as encourage lifelong fitness.  

I look forward to another exciting year and working with each and every student and providing them with a fun and safe learning environment! 




Class Schedule

  • Coach Garcia’s Schedule

    Patrols 6:50-7:45

    Conference 7:50-8:40

    3rd 8:40-9:30

    Thompson M/W/F1

    Gonzalez/Condel T/Th/F2 

    4th 9:35-10:25

    Avila/TBA M/W/F1

    E. Mercado T/Th/F2

    5th 10:30-11:20

    Sumner M/W/F1

    Flehmer T/Th/F2

    Lunch 11:20-11:50

    Kinder 11:55-12:45 

    Morales/Rice M/W/F1

    Arredondo T/Th/F2

    1st 12:50-1:40

    Robledo M/W/F1

    K. Martinez T/Th/F2


    Ramirez M/W/F1

    Tiscareno/Copeland T/Th/F2

    Patrols 2:40-3:00