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A special guest from Sesame Street stops by Huebner

Huebner Elementary School had a special guest visit from the most famous street around – Sesame Street!

Puppeteer Bradley Freeman is a longtime friend of Huebner Administrative Assistant Miriam Williams. Because of this connection, Freeman stopped by Huebner with a few puppets in hand to visit with students about blazing their own trail!

“It is such an honor to have Brad visit us and inspire our Huskies to dream their own dreams,” said Huebner Principal Kelli Halliburton. “Brad has made his own way and voices a new character for Sesame Street that will undoubtedly inspire countless children to believe in who they are and know that EVERYONE belongs and has a special place in the world.”

Freeman is the puppeteer for Wes, one of the newest muppets. 

Bradley with Huebner administrators and puppets Bradley with a Huebner student

Bradley with Wes on Sesame Street

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 5-13-22