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February Students of the Month

Congratulations to Jett and Ella, our first grade Students of the Month!

Mrs. Perez says, “I have had the pleasure of being Jett’s kindergarten and first grade teacher and in that time I have seen him grow and flourish. Some things that have remained the same are his ability to work hard and follow through even when some things are challenging. He leads by example and inspires his classmates to be their best selves. Jett can be seen daily, helping his classmates, creating a team atmosphere at his table group and urging others to make better choices.
When expectations are set, Jett exceeds them in all areas. When presented with something convenient or something that is the right thing to do, Jett ALWAYS chooses the right thing to do. His integrity shows in his actions.
Jett is a leader with the heart of a lion and is loved my his classmates and teacher.”

Miss Simmons says, “Ella Hernandez is possibly the most kind-hearted person I have ever met. She is a friend to those without one, and is consistently defending others who are being put down. Not only does Ella strive to be her best in all she does, but she also motivates others to be their best as well. She completes her assignments in class diligently, always putting forth one hundred percent. She is dependable, trustworthy, and a blessing to have in the classroom. Ella displays what is means to be a model student through and through.”

Jett is a student of the month. Ella is a student of the month.