• 2022/2023 Impact Report


  • Librarian organized 2nd-5th grade students to become Library Leaders. Each Library Leader has “Adopted a Shelf” and has special privileges in the library such as assisting librarian in checking in books.
  • Castle Hills Library hosted two author visits this school year. In the fall of 2022, we hosted Bridget Heos and in early spring 2023 we hosted Jerry Pallotta. From the authors, students and staff learned about their writing process and author’s purpose.
  • Over 180 students participated in our Bluebonnet Reading Promotion, totaling 1,508 books being read. Read 5 and Decide - A Bluebonnet Books bulletin board was displayed in the hallway that showed the progress classes were making in reading the Bluebonnet books. This display promoted a healthy competition between the classes and inspired students to read more books.
  • Castle Hills students participated in fall, winter, and spring reading challenges over our intersession breaks. Over 250 combined reading challenges were completed.
Students using gold coin for book vending machine.
ebooks books in collection
ebooks books checked out

students learning life cycle of a chicken photos


  • 3rd-5th grade students identified and labeled nonfiction text features in groups after library checkout. Each table group was provided a word bank and images of nonfiction text features that required labeling.
  • Using PebbleGo, kinder-2nd grade students engaged in bat research. Students listed facts about bats on note cards and created an illustration of a bat flying in the night sky.
  • Fifth grade students celebrated Black History month by using online and print resources to research famous African Americans that have made an impact. Each student created an Adobe Express video to present their research.
  • March Madness inside The Castle! Kinder and first grade students competed in a Word Wall challenge to result in one classroom champion from each class. Classroom winners then advanced to the next round resulting in one grade level winner.

Students exploring with science tools.

Lesson Spotlight

First grade students used science tools such as goggles, eye droppers, hand lens, and beakers to explore with baking soda and vinegar. Students made predictions on what would happen once combining ingredients and then labeled science tools on a recording sheet.



  • K-5 classes observed how heat changes matter by making tortillas to celebrate and honor Hispanic Heritage Month, and classes also made personal connections to Hispanic culture. On display were print resources on various Spanish speaking countries and famous Hispanic people for students to check out.
  • Third grade teachers and the librarian collaborated to create an alliteration lesson to support their poetry unit. Students created written text messages and illustrations on paper cell phones to show understanding of alliteration.
  • Castle Hills Library hosted Literacy Night inviting San Antonio Public Library and local author, Clarke Finney, to our Read Around the school. SAPL promoted their local free events and Ms. Finney read her book, The Perfect Mix to the community.
  • Mrs. Harrington provided monthly opportunities for community members and parents to volunteer inside the library and or donate items needed by the school. We had over one hundred parents volunteer this school year and several books, sodas, and treats donated throughout the school year.

Collaboration Spotlight

GT teacher and librarian collaborated on writing a grant to build upon our current STEAM lab. Aiming for all students to utilize the engineering/design process to solve real world problems and have the capabilities to code and program to bring their innovations to life. Over eleven thousand dollars was given to fund a new 3D printer, 5 Ozobots, Sphero Sprk Robots, filament, and new Chromebooks and Ipads to have as working components.


Teacher dressed up as 100th day old lady talking to students about past and present.

Campus Leader

  • Mrs. Harrington is the Student Lighthouse sponsor, and meet with students after school to help with campus events. The Student Lighthouse team met to prepare for Red Ribbon Week, Create banners for Custodian Appreciation, and Substitute Appreciation treats.
  • The library was open for Family Library Check-out during Clay Night. Each family was allowed to check out up to 10 books during this after school event. Students were stocked up with books to read over the Thanksgiving Break.
  • Mrs. Harrington partnered with GT teacher to sponsor the Castle Hills Robotics Team. Eight students gathered twice a week after school to design, drive and code robot movement.
  • Mrs. Harrington organized and managed a revolving group of students to lead the Student News Crew Show. Morning announcements took place daily in the library and were broadcasted in every classroom via TEAMS.
Librarian and GT teacher at Robotics Competition
Counselor and Librarian at Student to Student meeting.