• 2022/2023 Impact Report


  • This September we held a Scholastic Book Fair. Grandparents came by after celebrating Grandparent’s Day, and the proceeds will be used to purchase supplies and books for the Library.
  • In December, the library participated in Read Around the School. An Irish Night Before Christmas was read by the librarian, and an author, Amanda Graves, was hosted in the KIVA. She read her book and talked about the inspiration behind it.
  • The Librarian was the sponsor for the Robotics team this year. She advised the students as they built the game field and robots and programmed their robots to complete their objectives.
  • The Librarian promoted the Bluebonnet books this year by offering house points and a prize for every Bluebonnet book a student read and wrote a review on. When the students read 5 of the books and completed their reviews, they were announced during Synergy and invited to the Bluebonnet Voting Party in the spring.
Mother and son shopping the book fair
ebooks books in collection
ebooks books checked out

two students creating kachina dolls


  • Students researched catapults using the Britannica database first as a class to learn how to research and then independently. Next, they tested them to see if their research and engineering skills worked.
  • Students learned about different December holidays/traditions from around the world through informational fact pages on each station and created a corresponding craft for each holiday. They rotated through seven stations each highlighting a different country and a holiday they celebrate.
  • In the classrooms, students were learning about metaphors and comparing, so we read Wonder Walkers in the library. We discussed how nature was being compared to various different things. We also made paper collages of nature scenes and used those nature scenes to make our own nature metaphors.
  • The librarian paired with 5th grade teachers and ITS to create a research project for the students. The teachers taught the research process, the librarian copyright, bibliography, and plagiarism, and ITS Canva slides. The students were able to research an animal of their choice, properly credit their sources, and present their findings in Canva.

two students on the floor programming a robot

Lesson Spotlight

For our 4th grade poetry unit in the library, students were introduced to blackout poetry. After an overview of blackout poetry, we worked through creating one together as a class, discussing which words we wanted to use and why. Then students were taught about News-O-Matic, Britannica, and JamBoard. They used those resources to create their own electronic blackout poems using articles about an animal of their choice.



  • The Library collaborated with the family specialist to create a video to help promote Reveur House and Back to School. These videos not only helped kids get excited about our house system but gave information about school activities to the parents.
  • The librarian collaborated with the Math Coach to create pictures and videos of the students using a green screen. She then edited all of the pictures and videos. The students got to learn how a green screen works and received a basic introduction to video creation with a green screen.
  • The library collaborated with the 2nd grade team to create a lesson that would pair with their field trip to a pumpkin farm. The librarian read a story that aligned with the TEKS that were being focussed on in the classroom and came up with an activity centered around the life cycle and parts of a pumpkin that was started in the library before the field trip and completed in the classroom after the field trip.
  • The librarian collaborated with the instructional coaches to host two Literacy Days. During Literacy Day, students moved from room to room for read-alouds and activities presented by various administrators and teachers. Then the students went back into their classrooms for a literacy activity with their teachers.

Collaboration Spotlight

The Librarian collaborated with the family specialist to create a five-week Grown Up and Me Class. The librarian chose 5 books for the lessons and did the read-aloud each week. The family specialist and librarian collaborated to create an activity and snack for each book. The class was taught by the family specialist and librarian on Friday mornings. Flyers were sent home with students, and social media posts were created prior to the class start. Each family who attended was given a book to tak


Librarian and family specialist with two students from grown up and me class posing with book and artwork

Campus Leader

  • The librarian was the point of contact for the Big Give and United Way. As a point of contact, I was in charge of social media posts and outreach as well as keeping track of funds that were collected in person.
  • The Librarian advocated for her school budget by gathering and presenting data to the principal. The data showed which areas of our collection we needed to improve. The library was given $4000 of Title 1 funds, $5000 from Library Services, and $3200 from the school budget to purchase new books. The nonfiction section of the library was the main focus of these funds, but books were also purchased for other sections as well.
  • The Librarian worked with the school Instructional Technology Specialist to create a training for the teachers on Canva. After an introduction of the features, teachers were given time to explore on their own and ask questions. This gave them time to work on ways to implement their training into their classrooms while having the instructors there to help should they encounter any problems.
  • The librarian created a professional learning overview of the digital resource Teaching Books and the various resources it has available for the teachers. In this, the focus was given to story maps and author interviews. Teachers were unaware of this digital resource and how it can help with the promotion and teaching of novels.
two teachers on computers during professional development
group of librarians posing in a hall at conference