• SCHOOL YEAR Impact Report


  • Encouraged students to assess themselves as readers and create individual SMART goals. Implemented a reading program for students to achieve and adjust their goals as needed throughout the year.
  • Daily restorative circles and read alouds with aligned activities that promote discussion and reflection of SEL topics such as acceptance, diversity and inclusion.
  • Fostering a love of reading with monthly reading displays, book talks, buddy reading, genre personality assessments and genre tasting.
  • Instructing students on library skills including how to determine if a book is at their reading level, searching for books in Destiny to check availability, and locating books in the various sections in the library.
  • Creating lessons with coordinating STEM challenges and picture books that allow students the opportunity to work together as a team, problem solve, and utilize critical thinking skills.
Student working on 5 pumpkins STEM challenge.
ebooks books in collection
ebooks books checked out

Students completing a genre Kahoot.


  • Implemented weekly K-5 lessons that incorporated TEKS and supported ELA, SEL, Math, Science and Social Studies curriculum.
  • Created resources and co-facilitated “Genre Cafe” with fourth and fifth grade teachers. This included a genre ticket in which students explored a specific genre at each table, and described the characteristics to correctly identify it. Students also had a bookmark where they could jot notes regarding books and genres they explored during the activity that interested them for future reading. All lessons were adapted and modified to meet the needs of the students.
  • Collaborated with 5th grade teachers to plan and execute lessons on reading genres to support classroom content and close student gaps. As an introduction, students completed a “Genre Kahoot” in order to better determine which genres would be the focus for upcoming lessons. Students were given examples of various genre books to explore. As a group we discussed genre characteristics, and students were assessed in their understanding by completing a GooseChase game.
  • Planned and implemented lessons on researching rapid changes in Earth for third grade. For the introduction lesson, we watched a short video of a landslide and discussed if it would be considered a slow or fast land change, what we noticed, what we learned and what we want to know more about. Students completed an exit ticket to identify examples of fast land changes and come up with questions they still had to guide us into the next lesson for our research.
  • Planned and implemented lessons on researching Notable Texans for fourth grade. This unit was a review of Biography characteristics and led into the research of a Notable Texan. One of the research lessons was on paraphrasing information to avoid plagiarism. We discussed what it means to put information into your own words and still include the important key points. As a whole group we did an activity where students had to identify a popular song based on the paraphrased lyrics.

First grade students doing job research.

Lesson Spotlight

Our inquiry project for first grade focused on students researching a specific job. The lesson introduction included students brainstorming and discussing various jobs they see around them and why they are important to our community. From there, students explored non-fiction books about jobs to find one they were interested in learning more about. We began the research process by sorting tools and identifying which job they would be used for and from there went through the steps of note-taking. The purpose of the project was to give students the opportunity to learn more about a career of their choice and develop research skills such as gathering information from non-fiction texts.



  • Monthly planning meetings with fellow cluster librarians to share lesson plans, favorite reads, and discuss upcoming events and activities.
  • Collaborated with instructional coaches for feedback and input on organizing our Morning Announcement Team and brainstorming ideas for teacher interview prompts and student segment ideas.
  • Collaborated with the third grade team to incorporate SEL topics within their library lessons that focused on acceptance, inclusion and diversity. Our first lesson on empathy was introduced with a short BrainPop video that described empathy. Next, we read the book I Am Human: A Book on Empathy and discussed the meaning of empathy and how we can show empathy. Students completed a “Walk in their Shoes” activity where they gave examples on how they can put themselves in other’s shoes.
  • Worked with kindergarten team to discuss and plan lessons that are age appropriate and adapted for Holocaust Remembrance week. As a team we decided the BrainPop video on empathy would be a great introduction for discussing what it means to understand another person’s feelings. We selected Whoever You Are by Mem Fox and All Are Wonders by RJ Palacio to further extend the lesson and focus on accepting each other’s differences and treating everyone equally.
  • Organized and co-facilitated lessons with the fourth grade team to encourage students to explore a variety of genres through book tastings, interest surveys, book talks, and reading goals. In this, students completed a genre personality quiz to see which genre they might enjoy reading. During this week of lessons, I gave students an opportunity to explore these genres and added TeachingBooks QR codes for each genre that included author talks, sample readings, and recommended books.

Collaboration Spotlight

The collaboration I am most proud of is having the opportunity to work with our fourth grade teachers, administration and family specialist in the planning and implementation process of our Family Reading Night. I was able to contribute by creating a list of activity ideas for each grade level in which students could read with their parents for a multitude of purposes. One activity asked students to read a variety of camping-themed picture books. Next, students worked with their parents to create their own “campfire story” using different artifacts to activate ideas.These artifacts included a lantern, flashlight, tree branches and leaves, and more. I also assisted our family specialist in creating a map and schedule for the event. During the event, I facilitated a station with the fourth grade teachers that focused on the author Mo Willems. Our station began with a video of an interview with author Mo Willems. Next, students shared some of their favorite books by the author.


Librarian, Family Specialist and Bear Mascot.

Campus Leader

  • Information and tutorials shared with staff about accessing e-books and utilizing Destiny to locate materials.
  • Librarian Leadership in combining extended book fair hours during school events such as Family Fitness Night to show community building and school support.
  • Library Newsletters that spotlight lessons, book displays, upcoming activities or events, and tutorial videos and information regarding a variety of available resources. Social media posts on Twitter @NHBookinBroncos to showcase what is happening in the Northern Hills Library.
  • Co-Sponsor for 4th and 5th grade Robotics Club which met on Thursdays after school each week. Also, Lead Sponsor of the Northern Hills News Team, which met daily each morning and the Library Squad which assisted in the library each day based on their monthly schedule.
  • Monthly professional learning for New Librarians totaling 17 hours and district librarian meetings totaling 34 hours
Northern Hills Student Robotics Team and sponsors.
Student News Team and sponsor.