Campus Facts

  • Name: Hidden Forest Elementary
    Year Established: 1978
    Mascot: Peregrine Falcon
    Colors: Forest Green and White
    Teachers and Staff: 64
    Enrollment: 560 students

    • Asian 3%
    • White 52%
    • Hispanic 36%
    • African American 4%
    • American Indian 1%
    • Pacific Islander 0%
    • Two or More 4%

    Mission Statement:
    We educate children academically and socially, providing learning and growth to help students gain the skills to be independent, productive, and successful in their future.

    Vision Statement:
    We will foster problem solving and leadership skills to prepare all students to transform the future through collaboration and innovation.

    Staff Values
    ➤We are caring, friendly, and kind. Team members put students’ needs first in their decision making. Staff provide help, support, motivation, encouragement, and inspiration. Each staff member is a good coach to other team members and students.

    ➤We communicate and listen well with parents through various means about student progress.

    ➤We collaborate with each other in order to develop lessons and curriculum that challenge each student every day. Team members empathize with and support each other, respecting the contributions of other team members.

    ➤We are knowledgeable and pursue learning opportunities in order to improve our own skills. Team members pursue growth in order to provide an innovative and creative learning environment for students.

    ➤We go above and beyond to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed for them to succeed. Staff are critical thinkers and problem solvers, able to make connections across complex ideas.

    Administration and Support Values
    ➤We support teachers with resources, guidance, and assistance in order to enable teachers to meet students’ needs.

    ➤We are actively engaged in the school, spending time in classrooms, working with students, and supporting the work of the teachers.

    ➤We support a positive environment by working to ensure that all team members and students uphold our shared values of respect and hard work.

    ➤We communicate with and listen to team members, parents, and community members in order to understand various viewpoints and provide coordination among stakeholders in order to achieve short-term and long-term goals.

    Family and Community Values
    ➤We will feel welcome and be active partners in our children’s education by participating, to the extent we are able, in PTA, Watch DOGS, and other volunteer opportunities.

    ➤We will work closely with teachers by communicating regularly about our children and support them at home to complete projects and homework.

    ➤We will ensure that children are at school each day on time so that they are able to get maximum benefit from their learning opportunities.

    ➤We will be part of the continual improvement process by sharing ideas and concerns, and actively supporting and participating in improvement efforts.

    Student Values
    ➤We will read and write frequently, think critically, apply math and science to real world problems, and understand human connection through social studies.

    ➤We will be empathetic and kind to each other, treating others with respect. We will learn to communicate and listen well and consider others’ points of view.

    ➤We will come to school on time, prepared to learn, and work hard to get the most out of our learning opportunities each day.

    ➤We will have opportunities to participate in learning experiences that help us grow, including exceptional core content, art, music, PE, and leadership opportunities.

    ➤We will have time to play, socialize, and be kids.