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Instrumental Music Audition Requirements


NESA Instrumental Music requires a Pre-Screen video audition to verify applicants' basic instrumental proficiency. Applicants will provide a Pre-Screen Video audition due ONE WEEK prior to the NESA Audition date. Pre-Screens should follow these guidelines:Take a short test video with your recording device to ensure your sound is coming through accurately. Make sure the camera is not too far away or too close, and check that you are in a distraction free environment.Introduce yourself and your music:"Hello, my name is (your full name), and I will be performing (name of piece) by (name of composer/artist/band)."Perform 30 seconds to 1 minute of your music.Once finished, upload your video to YouTube, and email the link to Mr. Towns via email ( who pass their Pre-Screen audition will be scheduled to perform a live audition and interview on the NESA audition date. All students who provide a pre-screening will be notified of their advancement status on the Monday prior to the audition date.


Live auditions for the Instrumental Music Program are held on campus at the LEE Performing Arts Center. The audition contains 4 components:1. Prepared Music2. Sight-Reading3. Musicianship Evaluation4. InterviewApplicants should prepare music on the instrument with which they are most proficient. For the prepared music, applicants should prepare the following for the day of the audition: - A 1-minute excerpt of a technical piece (solo/etude/etc.) - A 1-minute excerpt of a lyrical piece (solo/etude/etc.) - 3 extra copies of the music you have prepared.Music does not need to fall into a particular genre. Applicants are encouraged to perform the music they are the most successful at communicating.Sight-reading will be provided by the director on the day of the audition.The Musicianship and Interview portions of the audition are brief and will be carried out by a panel.All questions about the audition process for Instrumental Music should be directed to Connor Towns at