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Nimitz dancers hit their stride in first ever showcase

Nimitz dancers perform Season of Love on stageThe Nimitz Middle School dance program found its rhythm on stage during its first ever showcase, "Season of Love." This is the second year that Nimitz has offered dance as an elective course, but the first time the dancers have been able to showcase their skills in an in-person setting.

Nimitz Dance Director Jillian Mason says she decided on the theme "Season of Love" because dance has the power to bond and bring people together. That belief is also reflected in the way her students feel about dance class.

"I love being a part of dance because it's a family environment," said Nimitz seventh grader Layla Boyd. "Being in dance has helped my self-esteem on many levels and I've become friends with people I normally wouldn't have been. Dance has really pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible. Ms. Mason puts so much love and dedication into our program and it shows in the environment and the dances we do. "

Mason joined Nimitz to share her passion for dance. Every day, her students find a way to return the favor. Watching her students shine on stage for the first time was a moment she'll never forget.

"I feel honored to have started the dance program at Nimitz," said Mason. "It's apparent that dance has helped my students become more confident and empathetic young adults while creating memories and lifelong friendships in the process. I hope this showcase was a reminder that love is what binds us together -- whether it be family, friends, or the Nimitz community. It's the love that runs through our veins that makes us strong and our students so special."

Nimitz dancers perform on stage

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 3-3-22