The desire and goal of the Design and Technology Academy magnet staff is to ensure that each student has the opportunity to be successful in our rigorous academic program. To ensure student success, it is important for the faculty, parents, and students to understand the behavioral and academic expectations. If concerns arise about a student's success, an academic/behavioral plan will be implemented to meet the student’s needs.

    "North East ISD proudly provides the community with a wide variety of choices in public education, especially through its magnet programs. Magnet schools offer students a well-rounded curriculum with special emphasis on a certain subject area and use a variety of teaching approaches that help customize the student's educational program. Students desiring enrollment in a magnet school will need to apply for enrollment. Enrollment in a magnet school is a privilege, and not a right afforded to students. Students' continued enrollment in a magnet school is contingent upon satisfactory attendance, grades, and behavior. Students will follow the NEISD Student Code of Conduct. The administration of each magnet school has the authority to revoke the enrollment of students during the school year for failure to adhere to school rules and regulations, NEISD policies, and state law." Stated from NEISD Secondary School Student Parent Handbook 2014-2015 page 50.

    Additionally, because students who fail the state assessments must take the Student Success Initiative (SSI) class(s) in place of the magnet electives, failure on the state assessments may result in removal from the magnet programs.