• Leadership Announcement
    We are pleased to announce that  we have voted in all of our PTA Executive board members. Please join us in welcoming our new leads Ashley Roseme, Sarah Haws, Isabel Reyes, Alek Bratton, Josefina Munoz, and Amanda Galvan. 
    Ashley Ashley Roseme - President 
    Sarah Sarah Haws- Secretary 
    Isabel Isabel Reyes- Treasure
    Alek Alek Bratton - Parliamentarian 
    Jossie Josefina Munoz- Arts and Education Chair
    AmandaAmanda Galvan- Fundraiser Chair 
    We are still looking for volunteers throughout the year to assist our organization with fundraising events. If you or anyone else is interested in collaborating with our Montgomery PTA leadership team, simply email Montogmeryneisdpta@gmail.com and one of our board members will gladly provide you with more information.