• August-October 2023 Impact Report


  • 1. Harmony Hills will ensure that all students will have the resources & opportunities available to increase student growth by 5%.
  • 2. Harmony Hills will serve as a center for community involvement by hosting at least 2 community events each month.
  • 3. Harmony Hills community partnerships will increase by 10%.

Family Engagement Strategy

Triple P is a new community partner this year. The series of classes are impactful for parents to be able to find support and friendship with each other. Although the number of classes were small, Triple P is willing to return to Harmony Hills in the spring. I am very impressed with their strategies.

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Total Services

Total At Risk Services
Attendance Related Services

Academic Support


Direct - 3
Indirect - 12
Attendance Related - 2
Total - 17

Social Services & Campus Support Services


Social Services - 533
Campus Support Services - 336
Total - 869