• About the Program

    Patrols are a leadership program amongst the 5th grade students, a voluntary group of older students helping younger students by guiding them out and in of their vehicle safely.  They help enforce drop-off and pick-up procedures and flow efficiency for parents. 

    Safety patrols help with arrival and dismissal of our students. Their duty is to keep the students safe entering/ exiting the vehicle and welcoming students in the morning. Patrols also guide them to their classroom when needed. They greet the parents in the morning and in the afternoon.

    Our Mission

    Safety Patrols assist children going to and coming from school while developing safety philosophy and practices in the school environment, teaching leadership and promoting situational awareness to the student body.

  • How to Get Involved

    Our 4th grade teachers nominate 4-5 students per class. These students must have passing grades, exemplify leadership skills, and a “Satisfactory” or better conduct in specials. Students need to be responsible and have exemplary attendance.