About the Program

  • This program prepares students for entry-level employment in the automotive service industry.  Students gain the knowledge of the basic automotive systems and the theory and principles of the components that make up each system.  Additionally, students will gain knowledge and skills in safety, repair, maintenance, and servicing of vehicle systems.


     Students are not required to participate for all four years; however, students who wish to pursue a career in the Automotive industry are encouraged to do so.  Students must participate for two years to earn an Automotive Business and Industry Endorsement.


    To see and learn more about the program, please select the video link here.


Automotive Courses

Course Title Description Grade Level Course # Credit
Year 1 Students learn industry safety procedures and expectations and the components of automotive systems. 9-12 8126x, 7777x 2.0
Year 2 Students continue practicing safety while learning about automotive maintenance and light repair. Students study automotive electrical systems, steering and suspension. 10-12 8112x 2.0
Year 3 Students study more advanced topics relating to automotive service. Areas of study include brakes and braking systems and engine performance analysis. 11-12 8113x 2.0
Year 4 Students in this course participate in work-based learning. Students can earn credit while participating in a paid/unpaid internship. All student placements must be approved by the Transportation Technology Academy. 12 8114x 2.0

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