• INVOLVE Leadership Team
    Explore SA Chair - Ms. ​Cheryl Stewart, Co-chair Miss Vicki Craig

    Intramurals Chair - Mrs. Adriana Belshaw

    Service Chair - Mr. Carlos Mojica

    Ambassadors Chair - Mrs. Veronica Gutierrez

    Common Interests Groups Chair - Mr. Ricardo Bass

    INVOLVE Guardians Co-Chairs - Mr. Ricardo Bass

    Data Chair: Miss Veronica Nerone

    Fundraising Chair - Mrs. Nycole Brooks-Garcia

    8th Grade Formal Chair and Co-chair - Mrs. Natalie Kamrava, Mrs. Paige Martin

    Transportation Chair - Mr. Milton Justice

    Webmaster - Mr. Edward Martinez

    Supper Club Chair, Finance Chair, and INVOLVE Co-founder – Mrs. Jamie Duderstadt

    Leadership Team Facilitator and INVOLVE Co-founder - Ms. Sheriden DeCastro

    Expense Request for Involve

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