Leader in Me Lighthouse Team Purpose

  • The purpose of the Leader in Me Lighthouse Team is to ensure that our campus continues to promote student leadership through the incorporation of the seven habits throughout our curriculum. The Lighthouse Team actively works with all teachers to plan and implement daily activities involving the leader in me language. The Lighthouse Team also coordinates school-wide events that ensure continued status as a Lighthouse School.

Leader in Me Lighthouse Team

  • Facilitators:  Mrs. Robles and Mrs. Prochnow

    Administrative Advisor:  Mrs. Nungesser

    Webmaster: Mrs. Nungesser

    Training Coordinator:  Mrs. Escamilla, Mrs. A. Castillo, and Ms. Vacek, Counselor

    Family Specialist:  Mrs. Martinez

    Scribe: Mrs. Santellan

    Photographer:  Mrs. Prochnow

    Resource Scout:  Mrs. Nungesser

    Fun Czars:  Ms. Vacek and Mrs. Bolanos

    Data and Results Tracker:  Mrs. Nungesser

    Student Work Collector:  Mrs. Lee

    Storyteller:  Mrs. Lee

    Document Specialists:  Lighthouse Team