The Mustang Clinic is located near the cafeteria in the 1st and 3rd grade hallway. Our full-time nurse and assistant provide care to our students. Please feel free to call or visit the clinic if you have questions or concerns about medical issues or medications.

Clinic News

  • Immunizations

    State law requires students in Texas schools to be immunized against certain vaccine-preventable diseases. Getting your child vaccinated not only protects your child’s health, but also that of the community

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  • Medications on Campus

    A reminder, per district policy, students are NOT ALLOWED to carry medications on campus. This includes medicated lip balms, cough drops and throat lozenges. In addition, students are NOT ALLOWED to transport medication to the clinic. Parents need to bring in ALL medications to the clinic.

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  • Extra change of clothes needed:

    Please send your student with an extra change of clothes in their backpack. Children of all ages have various accidents requiring them to change clothes during the day. Our school nurses, Mrs. Rodriguez, would love to have some extra change of clothes on hand for any unexpected situations that may arise during the school day. If you happen to have any unneeded clothing, please consider donating to the school clinic. The clinic also needs new packaged underwear for boys and girls in various sizes. Thank you for your support!


    Children with a fever:

    Children with a fever greater than 100.0 cannot be in school. If your child develops a fever of 100.0 or greater at school you will be called to pick them up. We recommend that they stay home until they have been fever free and Tylenol/Motrin free for 24 hours. If your child has a fever at home, please DO NOT send them to school even if you have given Tylenol or Motrin as they must remain fever-free without medication for 24 hours prior to returning to school.  Once the medication has worn off, the child will start feeling bad and they may be exposing the other children in the class to illness.



    Our annual parent preview of the maturation videos that we show to those students who have parent permission will take place at Walzem Elementary School on January 9, 2018. 4th and 5th grade parent preview will begin at 5:00 pm and 3rd grade will begin at 6:00. If you would like to view these videos on your own please click HERE. Consent forms for the student maturation class will be handed out on December 27, 2017. Please fill out this consent form and have your student return it as soon as possible.