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Medication Information


  • Medication will not be accepted without the required physician order and parent authorization.
  • ALL medications shall be delivered to the clinic by an adult, and must be kept in the school clinic at all times.
  • All medication must be in the original container.
  • Medications may not be kept in the classroom or administered by a teacher in the classroom.
  • Medication brought to the clinic in containers such as, but not limited to, plastic wrap or bags, foil, jars, paper towels, envelopes, etc. will NOT be accepted.

Long Term and Prescription Medications:

  • For medication to be given at school long-term, a physician-signed Medication Administration Request Form is required. The physician must be licensed in the state of Texas.

Medication Administration Request Form (Fillable)

Asthma Action Plan

Short Term Medications, Over the Counter Medications and Cough Drops:

Short Term Medication Requests:

  • The administration of non-prescription medication is permitted only on a very limited basis and only with written permission from parents/guardians.
  • Only medications with appropriate dosages and indications will be accepted.
  • Medications without a physician's order will be administered for ten (10) school days. A physician's order will be required thereafter.
  • There is a short form in the clinic that must be filled and signed by a parent/guardian at the time medications are first received.
  • The medication must be delivered to the clinic by a parent.

Cough Drops:

  • Cough drops and throat lozenges will be administered to students with written permission from parents/guardians for five (5) consecutive school days, up to two (2) occurrences per school year.
  • Students may use up to 2 cough drops or lozenges per day; they must remain in the clinic while the cough drop or lozenge dissolves to decrease the risk of choking.
  • There is a short form in the clinic that must be filled and signed by a parent/guardian at the time cough drops are first received.
  • Students may NOT bring cough drops to school – a parent must deliver the cough drops to the clinic.

 This information, and more, is published in pages 70-71 of the NEISD Elementary School Student/Parent Handbook.