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Safety and Visitor Guidelines

Dear Tuscany Heights Community,

We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of our students and staff. Here are 4 reminders regarding safety procedures at our campus:

1. Visitor Policy: Welcoming with Open Hearts and Secure Steps

Your presence in our school community is cherished. We've established a visitor policy to ensure warmth and security:

  • Showing Your ID: When visiting, please have your picture ID ready to show at the front door entrance camera. This extra step helps us recognize you and enhances safety.
  • Checking-In: During school hours, our Front Door Receiving Area is ready to welcome you. Check-in here to make your visit enjoyable and convenient.
  • Raptor Visitor Badge: For everyone's security, wear a Raptor visitor badge. It signifies your role in creating a safe environment.

2. SMART Tags: Ensuring Safe Bus Travel for Our Youngest Riders

Safety on elementary school buses is paramount. Our SMART tag system is operational:

  • Easy Process: Elementary students scan their SMART ID Tags as they board or exit the bus. This real-time data benefits all involved.
  • Efficiency and Safety: Enhanced student verification, parental engagement, and real-time route tracking ensure safe commutes.

3. North East Tipline: Your Voice for Safety

Our commitment to safety is shared. "See something, say something." Use the North East Tipline ( to confidentially report safety concerns. Together, we create a nurturing environment.

4. Standard Response Protocol: Prioritizing Safety

Familiarize yourself with our Standard Response Protocol (SRP) guidelines for emergencies. From "HOLD" to "SHELTER," understanding these steps empowers us to protect our students.

Your involvement and cooperation make a difference. Let's continue working hand in hand for a secure, positive, and thriving school community.