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Retired SAPD officer watches over NEISD

Officer Frank the Great


Before the sun comes up, retired San Antonio Police Officer Frank San Miguel heads to Encino Park Elementary School.

He walks the perimeter, checks the doors and gets ready to greet students.

It’s a routine he’s had for 30 years now.


“When I was a police officer, I wanted to interact with the kids, so they could see an officer in real life and know that officers are their friends and here to help them.”


Since then, he’s added Longs Creek Elementary School and Regency Place Elementary School to his schedule.

Monday through Friday, he gets up early and makes his rounds, checking doors and being visible on campuses. 

He makes it a point to make sure the kids are safe and know he’s there.

But that’s not the only reason he does it.


“The teachers appreciate it because they can concentrate on their job of teaching the kids, and I can keep things secure. They know Officer Frank is there. So the teachers appreciate me being here, and I appreciate them being here teaching the kids.”


Officer Frank logged more than 233 volunteer hours between the three campuses this past year.

233 hours of checking every single door on three campuses.

233 hours of high-fives with students.

233 hours of making a difference.


Regency Place Principal Amy Reasons-Copes has worked with Officer Frank at all three campuses. They joke that they are kind of a package deal now. 

But it’s not hard to see why Reasons-Copes appreciates Frank the Great.


“I met Officer Frank six years ago while I was an assistant principal. Even though he is retired and could have been at home asleep, he was the first one on campus every single morning (6:15 a.m.), so he could make sure every one of us was safe,” said Reasons-Copes. “He does perimeter checks of the campus, he walks the halls, and we are all grateful for the extra level of safety we feel. While Frank began by making sure our students and staff were physically safe, he eventually moved into a role that also aids in the emotional safety of our students. He mentors students at two campuses, and that has added one more layer of Frank’s ‘protection.’”


Thank you, Officer Frank, for all you do to keep our students #NEISDsafe.


If you want to make a difference, it’s easy; just go to to learn how to become a campus volunteer. 


And remember, if you see something, say something.

The North East Tip Line ( gives you a safe and confidential way to report a wide variety of safety concerns. 

You can also call the NEPD non-emergency line at 210-407-0925.

More information is available online at

Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 08/30/2022