• August-May 2023-2024 Impact Report


  • School Attendance will increase to 95%.
  • Dellview will have a minimum increase of 10% in attendance during Family Engagement events.
  • Staff will make a minimum of 2 positive calls weekly to promote positive relationships with families.

Family Engagement Strategy

Nominated 1 student each week to be a Distinguished Dolphin Leader and make positive phone calls to parents to share good news. Conducted daily calls to chronically absent students. Helped organize a mini Book Fair with Librarian so students could have 3 FREE books.

Free Book Fair

Total Services

Total At Risk Services
Attendance Related Services

Academic Support


Direct - 0
Indirect - 50
Attendance Related - 96
Total - 146

Social Services & Campus Support Services


Social Services - 1,009
Campus Support Services - 1,895
Total - 2,904