• August-October 2023 Impact Report

Goals Family Engagment Strategy
Increase parent and community involvement and attendance in events and services supporting student and family needs by 10%. Attendance rate will increase from 92% to 93% through incentives, and consistent parent communication on student progress to address needs. Promote wellness and healthy habits with 100% of students, staff and community members. Provide families with the materials and information needed to support and extend learning at home. Provide a welcoming environment and opportunities for families to participate in campus committees, PTA and family events linked to learning.
Colonial Hills Adult English Class

Total Services

Total At Risk Services
Attendance Related Services

Academic Support


Direct - 3
Indirect - 35
Attendance Related - 14
Total - 52

Social Services & Campus Support Services


Social Services - 1289
Campus Support Services - 70
Total - 1359