• Grandparent's Day

  • Grandparents were invited to eat breakfast and do an activity with their grandchildren.

     We structured our Grandparent’s Day program so that all grandparents wishing to come may have a chance to get connected and involved with their grandchildren by knowing that they are welcomed at their grandchild’s school and are a valued resource in parental involvement.  The Breakfast Honoring our grandparents provided an excellent opportunity to express value and promote family unity within the school environment.

    We provided a small breakfast for Students and Grandparents to spend quality time together. The students made cards  and various items and shared with Grandparents. We also provided an activity in which the grandparents and students (Grandchildren) had to team build a small structure  together. The Grandparents  built a structure using marshmallows and toothpicks. They had an opportunity to meet their grandchild’s teacher after their activity.

  • Grandparents are an important and integral part of each of our students at Jackson Keller ES. They are valued in their homes as well as Grandchild’s  school.

    Grandparents were sent flyers with their families in both English and Spanish. Each Flyer had a QR Code for Registration and as well a a written cut out piece they can fill in and turn in to their grandchild’s teacher.

    Debbie Y. Medina 

    Jackson-Keller Family Specialist 

    dmedin5@neisd.net  210-407-4427

Grandparent's Day