• 2021/2022 Impact Report


  • Hosted over a thousand class library visits this year that included engaging read-alouds and inspiring lessons. This helped promote a love of reading and learning for every student in ALE, PreK, and 1st-5th grades.
  • Sponsored an Hour of Code in the library in conjunction with the International Week of Code: December 6-10. Every K-5th grade class watched a short video promoting tech jobs for the future. Students accessed and explored coding activities and apps available at www.hourofcode.com/US and on the iPad. After this introduction, one week per month was devoted to continuing these coding activities in the library for all grade levels. Students were so excited when it was their coding day!
  • Collection Development: ordered $5,500 in new books and magazines; inventoried books to assess COVID loss; weeded 1,012 books due to damage, poor circulation, and outdated material which updated the overall collection.
  • Hosted a variety of animals and insects from Education Service Center, Region 20, Living Science Center including snakes, turtles, frogs, cockroaches, tarantula, goldfish, ant farm, and Monarch caterpillars/butterflies. By observing and studying these animals/insects, students were inspired to check-out related nonfiction books, and conduct their own guided research at home.
  • Promoted reading by organizing a variety of library-sponsored events including Book Buddy classes, International Dot Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Texas Bluebonnet Award Program, Schlitterbahn Waves of Pages Reading Program, 2 Scholastic Book Fairs, winter/ spring/summer break reading challenges, Literary Pumpkin Patch, Fairy Tale Battle, March Madness School-wide Book Tournament, Read Across America Week and partnered with San Antonio Public Library (SAPL)to promote summer reading.
Abraham Lincoln Presentation
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  • 2nd Grade Research US Symbols and Landmarks - The librarian created a wordless video, then using the example of the Liberty Bell, modeled narrowing the research focus and finding credible sources for information. Students worked in pairs using PebbleGo, Encyclopedia Britannica, BrainPop, Capstone, Sora, and nonfiction library books to research. The final product, an infographic foldable with student illustrations, was displayed in the hallway for the school community.
  • 4th grade research - student choice: provided a lesson on how to pick a research topic, narrow the topic, credible library resources to use for research, types of questions to ask (thick vs thin), how to cite sources, and take notes. Partnered with the GT and 4th grade teachers for lessons on podcasts and final project presentation options.
  • Collaborated with 3rd-5th teachers on Science TEKS covering slow changes to the earth and natural landforms through library mini-lessons on the US National Parks. We studied the top 25 US Parks including geographical and wildlife features of each. Students took sketch notes, discussed in groups, checked out books, and continued their research in the classroom. The librarian registered and printed free US National Park Passes for every 4th grader.
  • Librarian co-taught 1st grade lessons on nonfiction text features. After reading a Scaredy Squirrel picture book, the librarian read a squirrel nonfiction book and students compared the differences between the two texts. Following this lesson, students did a guided walk through our nonfiction area and chose a book to check out. Each week, they are allowed to select their book from either the nonfiction area or picture book area. Most students now prefer to check out nonfiction books.
  • Using the Texas Bluebonnet Book trailers and book talks, 3rd-5th graders learned about the different genres featured on this year’s list- poetry, biographies, realistic fiction, historical fiction, mystery, fantasy, and nonfiction. Students tracked the Bluebonnet books they read, its genre, and wrote brief summaries of each. In addition, they kept a weekly reading log as part of their required classwork.

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Lesson Spotlight

Milkweed plants with 7 caterpillars were brought into the library for a 4-week observation in March and April. Every grade level observed the metamorphosis from egg to caterpillar to Monarch butterfly. A life cycle poster, detailing each stage and the length of time for that stage, was featured next to the container, so students could track the point in the cycle. In addition, nonfiction and fiction read-alouds accompanied the month-long lessons and were displayed for student check-out. Every student, PreK-5th, was able to correctly identify, label, and describe the life cycle stages in detail as well as apply it to other insects that go through a similar metamorphosis. This in-depth school-wide library study was featured on the NEISD webpage explaining that students were observing in real-time what they were studying in class as well as observing in their own backyards and community!



  • The librarian attended monthly meetings with the Madison cluster and NEISD elementary librarians. In each of these meetings, we collaborated on lessons and shared ideas for promoting reading and the library. I served as a mentor for the new Northern Hills Librarian. I also supervised a teacher on my campus who was completing her Master’s in Library Science from Sam Houston State University
  • The librarian collaborated with teachers in 3rd-5th grades to develop lessons about President’s Day. The librarian read aloud Lincoln and Me while students took sketchnotes about his life. These notes were displayed in the library for all students to view before and during our History in Person school-wide Abraham Lincoln Presentation. In addition, the librarian provided writing prompts, reader’s theater, and lessons for grades 3-5 which helped provide additional background knowledge.
  • Librarian co-taught an after-school Coding Boot Camp, grades 2-5, with our campus GT teacher. We had over 100 students attend the camp offered October-April. Students learned basic coding skills using Dash and Dot Robots, Osmos, Ozobots, and digital breakouts.
  • The librarian collaborated with 4th and 5th grade teachers in their study of biographies and Black History Month. The librarian read aloud Whoosh!, the story of Lonnie Johnson and His Super Soaking Stream of Inventions. Following the story, we watched an interview featuring his toy inventions and projects for NASA. Students then received templates to create, draw and label their own inventions (their blueprint like Lonnie’s). Teachers extended this activity in the classroom.
  • The librarian co-taught the “ Mommy and Me” Pre K Program for six weeks with our family specialist. Each week, parents were invited to the library for a story, a movement song, and a make and take craft activity with their child.

Collaboration Spotlight

In December, the librarian met with 2nd grade teachers and helped plan their Fairy Tale Unit. The unit lasted for 6 weeks. Books and lessons were taught in the classroom and in the library. We covered story elements, characters, setting, and plot details of traditional fairy tales and fractured fairy tales. The unit ended with a qualifying test identifying the 4 top students to represent each classroom in a 2nd Grade Fairy Tale Battle. The librarian practiced with the teams for a week, then we ended the unit with a grade level dress-up fairy tale competition day. Parents were invited and all 2nd graders dressed up as their favorite fairy tale characters. The entire grade level of students learned so much while having fun reading these stories! The librarian practiced with the teams for a week, then we ended the unit with a grade level dress-up fairy tale competition day. Parents were invited and all 2nd graders dressed up


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Campus Leader

  • Librarian trained staff on resources available in the Library Resources Folder including Discovery Ed, BrainPop, Teaching Books, Sora(and integrating it with a SAPL account), Capstone, PebbleGo, Mystery Science, Vooks, and the Novel Effect app for iPhones.
  • Hosted Madison PALS, sponsored Longs Creek Student Council, hosted PTA Board meetings and two book fairs that were open to parents and the community, created Grandparents Day Thank You video from students, helped organize Veterans Day Celebration, managed Longs Creek campus and library websites, managed Longs Creek Facebook account, and posted pictures and notices of all school news and events.
  • Sent monthly Smore newsletters to staff with lessons, resources, and ideas for Poetry Month, Read Alouds in the Classroom, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and December Holiday Celebrations.
  • Collaborated with teachers to support TEKS and classroom instruction by attending grade level meetings, PLCs, staff meetings, CIC & Leadership Team meetings. In addition, I met with my campus administration, counselors, IIT, and GT teacher weekly to review campus needs based on academic and SEL data.
  • Attended Phil Carney Restorative Discipline training as a member of the Leadership Team and assisted in planning this training for the campus for 2022-23. We trained staff on daily morning meetings and different circles to use in the classroom to promote listening skills, empathizing, accountability, and help foster a sense of class community. Office referrals have declined since implementation.
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