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TeachingBooks: QR Code Printables

Did you know you can share TeachingBooks resources in less than a minute with a QR code? TeachingBooks has many amazing resources like lesson ideas, book trailers, author interviews, author name pronunciations, books readings, and so much more. With a few quick clicks, you can share these with your students.

You can print QR codes to share the entire page of resources available for a title OR you can print a QR code for a specific resource, for example, a Meet-the-Author recording. QR codes can be printed as bookmarks, flyers, labels, and shelf-talkers. Labels can be placed inside books, and shelf talkers can sit on the shelf of your growing classroom libraries.

To access TeachingBooks and the QR code printables go to Launchpad > Library Resources > TeachingBooks. Once you have navigated to a title and resource(s):

  • Click Share this Page found on the left side below the book cover. To share one specific resource, open that resource then click Share this Page;
  • Choose what format you want for your QR codes;
  • And print!