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Best in class

North East ISD Summa Cum Laude students will graduate from high school with 100+ grade point averages. It’s an incredibly impressive feat that deserves special recognition – not just for the students but also for the educators who helped get them there.

This spring, each NEISD high school will host a celebration to honor these exceptional students and the teachers they want to thank for helping them along their journeys.

The International School of the Americas (ISA) will celebrate nearly 70 Summa graduates during a ceremony on Wednesday, March 30. 

Ewan with his elementary teacher Ms. Siller



Evan McEwen chose to honor Erica Siller, his former elementary school teacher.

“Ms. Siller was a major support to me during a difficult time in my education. Because of a death in the family, my elementary school years were challenging. Ms. Siller was attentive about my well-being and went out of her way to ensure that I was okay. She was invited to the funeral, along with a few of my other teachers. Just seeing her there gave me reassurance. Ms. Siller helped me get back on track by guiding me through my grief. I learned important things like accountability and how to be accepting of other people’s circumstances.”





Alexa De Luna with Danny Kloza


Alexa De Luna honored LEE High School Athletic Coordinator Danny Kloza.

“When I first stepped into the athletic building I was immediately greeted by an array of coaches, one of those being Coach Kloza, and I immediately felt at home. As time went on high fives turned to “how’s it going” and hugs. With the insane schedules high school athletes face, our teammates become our second family but at LEE so do our brother and sister sports. Coach Kloza has worked tirelessly to create this culture: one of family, love, and passion that is truly like no other program. Coach Kloza has always instilled the importance of family and hard work because as he always says, ‘Championships are won together.’”





Many more heartfelt tributes will be shared this evening in the Legacy of Educational Excellence High School auditorium. A reception begins at 6 p.m. and the ceremony starts at 7 p.m.

Click here to read the full program.

Lila Stanley
Posted on 3-30-22