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NEISD counselor reflects on time volunteering in Uvalde

Felipe holds the NEISD way sign at Churchill

“I’ve got some good friends down there who lost people.”

Felipe Cardenas wears his heart on his sleeve. As a counselor, he’s been a rock for the Churchill High School community for the past 18 years. In June, he spent three weeks in Uvalde volunteering his time, expertise and heart with summer school students.

Felipe helped conduct guidance counselor lessons ranging from managing anxiety to anger management and how to deal with emotions. Most of all, he was there to listen and offer support in any way he could.

“It was like you would expect. It was tough. But I like to think this profession is made up of people who care. This provided me with an opportunity to serve people in need. I took my daughter with me one week and we had the opportunity to work together. That was a proud papa moment.”

Felipe is a compassionate person. That desire to lead by example is part of the fabric of North East ISD counselors. Many of our counselors volunteered their time this summer providing free counseling to the students, families and Uvalde CISD staff in need of help, resources and support.

Thank you, Felipe, for volunteering your time, heart and support #theNEISDway.

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 7-26-22