• 2021-2022 Impact Report


  • Students look forward to International Dot Day. They celebrated with a spirit day and activities that encourage creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. First grade students observed chromatography firsthand and made predictions about what other colors they would see from the dots they created with one marker.
  • The Dellview Library Program promotes reading with challenges, like the fall and winter break reading challenges, throughout the school year. Students who completed at least one bingo with 9 activities or 5 reading-related challenges were recognized with their names on the library bulletin board and received incentives.
  • Celebrating the culture and history of diverse people groups is a regular part of the library program. Throughout the school year lessons and activities for recognitions like Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History Month are incorporated.
  • The Dellview Library hosts two book fairs every school year, the Fall Book Fair, and the BOGO Book Fair, gets students excited about reading. During the book fair, the library sponsors contests like a scavenger hunt through the book fair to give all students, whether buying or not, an opportunity to take home new books.
  • Dellview celebrates reading with Read Across America, a week-long event. The main event for the week was Spirit Week where the entire school community had a reading-themed dress-up for each day of the week, like “Read My Shirt” Thursday. Students were also able to participate in a bookmark design contest where a winner was chosen in every grade level.
Students and staff wearing shirts with words.
ebooks books in collection
ebooks books checked out

Student observing chromatography for Dot Day.


  • For Holocaust Remembrance Week, second grade students listened to a book on diversity and participated in an SEL activity that highlights and bring awareness to being diverse. During the activity, students took turns telling each other one way they were similar and one way they were different celebrating all they have in common and what makes us unique.
  • All students from Kinder through fifth grade participated in Hour of Code where they participated in age-appropriate lessons to learn coding. Some grades had a no-tech lesson, like My Robotic Friend, where students wrote code, or directions using only arrows, for stacking cups. Fellow classmates then had to read the code to see if they could recreate the cup stacking design.
  • Kinder, first, and second grade students learned about the different holidays celebrated during the winter months. After learning about the different traditions, they used Ozobots in a fun holiday around the world, coding activity.
  • Third, fourth, and fifth grade students learned more about the Winter Olympics with a winter sports research and STEM lesson. Students learned more about the country they represented and the sport they were competing in. Working in groups, students also built the equipment needed to participate in the sports STEM challenge.
  • Fifth grade students added to their writing and research skills with a lesson on plagiarism and paraphrasing. The students applied what they learned by taking facts and rewriting them in their own words. They showed their learning using BrainPOP’s Make-A-Map.

Two students listening to a podcast.

Lesson Spotlight

Third and fourth grade students practiced their listening skills with the Two What’s and a Wow podcast. The podcast gives three statements and students were tasked with identifying the statement that is true(the WOW statement)and the two false statements (the WHATS?!). After listening to the podcast they used digital resources such as Britannica Encyclopedia to gather relevant information. They used the information gathered to determine which of the statements were the WHATS?! and which was the WOW. Students also provided evidence they found to support or disprove each of the statements. Students enjoyed the podcast and were successful in locating evidence to support their decisions.



  • Collaborated with librarians to develop a TEKS-based poetry lesson for National Poetry Month in April. The focus was on the elements found in poetry, like alliteration. Librarians helped each other design a lesson that utilized alliteration to write their own tongue twisters and share them.
  • Collaborated with the 2nd grade team for their fairy tale unit. Students read and discussed fairy tales both in the classroom and in the library. Along with reading the tales, TEKS-based lessons were used to deepen learning. The culmination of their hard work was shown by having a friendly comprehension competition at the Fairy Tale Rodeo.
  • Collaborated with the 4th grade team to identify skills deemed as essential in ELAR and math. We focused on identifying the central idea with supporting evidence and the influence the story setting has on the plot. We regularly met throughout the school year to track progress and determine the best ways to support students.
  • Collaborated with the 4th grade team to outline strategies and actions taken to increase the percentage of students who meet or exceed the projected growth on Reading MAP. Regular checkpoints were used to create small groups with a skill focus. Small groups met 4 days out of the week over a set period of time at which skills were reassessed and students regrouped
  • Collaborated with my PLC librarian group during librarian professional development meetings to share out fiction and nonfiction book suggestions, participate in Makerspace activities, and plan instructional activities.

Collaboration Spotlight

Collaborated with the family specialist, to provide parent training with a focus on early literacy and promoting the joy of reading. At the parent workshops, families learned about library resources, including digital books in Sora, and print books in the library, giving them more access to books. A regular Pre-K storytime was also provided for parents/grandparents and their children. The importance of regular read-alouds, tips on how to ask questions and discussions with your child while reading, and cultivating the love of reading were the focus of all events.


Librarian and kids during storytime.

Campus Leader

  • Provided training and support for teachers using Learning Ally, an audiobook platform for struggling readers.
  • Provided a community workshop to connect parents and families with reading and library resources. Highlighted the importance of daily reading and encouraged families to sign up for a Sora and Library account.
  • Regularly shared library programs, events, and lessons on social media using the library Twitter account (@DellviewLibrary). Created a library newsletter, for families, highlighting lessons, and upcoming events.
  • A member of the Campus Improvement Committee and the Lighthouse Team. Both committees are composed of individuals from the faculty and school community. The Campus Improvement Committee discusses topics big and small from procedures for breakfast in the morning to planning academic nights. The Lighthouse Team discusses anything related to being a Ligthhouse School and the Leader In Me culture.
  • Attended a week-long professional development for the Lucy Calkins’ Units of Study series to become familiar with the tools and methods Dellview teachers employ with our students for reading and writing.
Students and their teacher with a trophy.
Families during storytime activity.