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ISA Amigos

ISA students and faculty are supported by the work of our outstanding parents through the ISA parent booster club The ISA Amigos!

The mission of ISA Amigos is to support the educational activities of the International School of the Americas.  Incorporated on September 16, 2004 as a Texas Non-Profit Corporation, ISA Amigos provide educational and financial support for your child and all ISA students. This is accomplished by helping to fund field trip experiences and providing snacks and water during state mandated testing days. Amigos also purchases educational tools for classrooms, hosts teacher appreciation luncheons, beautifies our campus, makes donations to class travel experiences, throws parties, supports MUNSA, and overall helps build and support our amazing ISA community!

 As a parent or guardian with a student at ISA, you are automatically a member of the ISA Amigos.  However, in order to be successful and do all that Amigos does, we need parent involvement. Please get involved by:

  • making a tax-deductible donation to ISA Amigos
  • serving on the Board of Directors (openings posted in April)
  • volunteering for special projects and fundraising activities such as the Freshman Garage Sale, MUNSA Hospitality, and Project Graduation
  • showing up to community nights
  • buying and wearing our ISA merchandise
  • joining and participating in our class facebook pages
  • all of the above!

 ISA Amigos has been recognized by the IRS as an organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, so contributions to ISA Amigos are tax deductible.

ISA Amigos’ meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 6:00pm in the Sergiovanni Community Room, upstairs at ISA.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

For questions, please contact us at