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ACE Students Give Back

Salvation Army Community Service

ACE student volunteers

“Doing the Most Good,” which is the Salvation Army’s motto, and students from the Academy of Creative Education lived up to that while volunteering on two separate occasions. ACE students volunteered at the Salvation Army, helping prepare for their “Shoe In” event that donates school supplies, shoes, and food to families in need. On Aug 19, 2022, students organized over 1000 pairs of shoes by size and gender into boxes to be distributed at the event. Then last Friday, September 9, students again went to the Salvation Army, but this time, to help set up for the event being held on Saturday, Sep 10, 2022. Students unloaded water from delivery trucks and transferred food, school supplies, and shoes to the given areas for the Shoe In.  The Salvation Army was grateful for the ACE students' help. 

students unloading boxesFelicia organizing shoes

“It was hard work…but I would do it again because it was fun. It made me feel good knowing that I’m helping for a great cause. We were helping them prepare for over 2000 kids that were coming for school supplies.” ~Felicia S

Participating in this event “made me realize not everyone has it like I do, so if you are able to help, then why not give/do something for people.” ~Imari D.

Hanging the Shoe In BannerACE students organizing sockswater distributionStudents organizing school supplies