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Dr. Patrick J. Valdez

  • It is with an infinite amount of pride that I return to The Academy of Creative Education! As a former ACE educator, this is a dream come true! For those of you who don’t know me, I would like to briefly introduce myself. I have 23 years of experience within our district as a teacher, counselor, and administrator. I have worked at our sister schools of Churchill, Roosevelt, and MacArthur. However, it is my time at ACE that brings to mind the transformative and redemptive power of the non-traditional model.

     My vision for our campus is succinct and direct.  Broadly, there are three ways we will approach excellence. First, we will expand upon our model’s success together and think outside the box as we approach the new challenges that growth brings. We must do this while always keeping track of our history of success and remembering what works. Second, our team of faculty and staff will pull together as a cohesive unit and become a model of teamwork for other non-traditional schools to follow. We will present at conferences and other venues spreading the word of ACE. Third, ACE will continue to create new ways to provide opportunities for student success. These new ways will include new teaching approaches and technologies. ACE will be a test bed for innovation. We will assert our commitment to the ever expanding set of needs of our student population. Although these three steps seem simple and easy know that they will take our full commitment and thoughtful implementation. There can be no weak links, there can be no short cuts, and there can be no quick fixes. Most important, no students can miss an opportunity for success.

    Our challenge lies ahead. It is one marked by growth, team work, and innovation. Rest assured though that through all of the challenges and hard work ahead of us, we will have fun and our experiences together will be rewarding and impactful. We will light the way!