• Welcome to Perrin Central Campus

    2017 - 2018

    The Clinic is located in The Automotive Technology Academy in Building 4  and  serves all schools and programs locted at Perrin Central.  

    Clinic hours are 8:00am - 4:30 pm on school days. 

    Regarding medications for students during the school day, please read the following from NEISD Health Services:

    All medication intended for students shall be kept in the school clinic. 

    Short-term prescription medication will be administered only in accordance with the instructions on the RX container and must be accompanied by a written request from the parent.  Long-term medications to be given all year or for emergency situations must have written authorization from both the physician and the parent.  Homeopathic products/vitamins will not be given.

    The administration of nonprescription medication is permitted only on a very limited temporary basis and with written parent permission only.  The nurse will contact the physician should a question arise regarding any medication.


    We want children to learn that taking medication is a serious responsibility and should only be consumed when truly necessary and under the care of a physician.


    Medication may not be kept in the classroom or administered by the teacher.

    •  Medication sent in plastic wrap, foil, jars, paper towels, or envelopes cannot be given; it must be in the original prescription container. 
    •  Children may not carry medication on the bus, in their lunch boxes, or on their person.
    •  Medication can not be sent back and forth on the bus, nor is a child allowed to carry medicine to and from school.
    •  Parents are to bring medication(s) to the school nurse in the school clinic.
    •  Parents must provide all needed prescription medication; the school does not provide any medications, i.e., Tylenol.

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