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ACE Spring Graduation 2021!!

Congratulations Class of 2021!!

ACE Graduates Listening at Graduation

North East ISD’s Academy of Creative Education (ACE) hosted its spring graduation ceremony on Tuesday, June 15, at MacArthur High School. In all, 58 ACE graduates received their high school diplomas, overcoming numerous challenges to get them.

These are just a few of the testimonials that explains their obstacles and why they went to ACE:

“By the age of 16, I was living on my own. Trying to balance school and work led to years of bad choices.”

“Although I was pregnant, I did not want to give up on my education. I had to create a better future for me and my child.”

“I am responsible for helping my mother provide for our family. I am so happy I found ACE because their non-traditional school setting allowed me to work a full-time job while keeping up with my coursework.”

ACE graduating student Robert Vera served as Master of Ceremony and explained what ACE meant to him.

“I used to view school as somewhat of an enemy because it was often the reason I could not hang out with my friends or play my games. This led to arguments at home. I tried all sorts of extracurricular activities such as JROTC, band and golf to keep busy and avoid getting into trouble. But what I really needed was an overall change,” Vera explained. “ACE encouraged me to always look ahead to the future. The teachers were always patient and took the time to explain ideas and concepts that were not the easiest for me. ACE allowed me to take part in community service activities that helped me realize how much I enjoy helping others and served as a humbling reminder of how blessed my life really is.”

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Sean Maika praised the students for going against the odds and fighting for a better future.

“You are sitting here because you successfully turned your challenges into stepping stones,” said Maika. “The lessons that you’ve learned since kindergarten, along with the natural gifts that you have, have prepared you for the life choices and career choices that are about to cross your path. Be comforted in knowing you have inside of you what you need to succeed.”

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Two Proud GraduatesGraduate smiles with his family after graduation


Posted by: Evan Henson
posted on: 06/15/2021