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THURSDAY, JAN. 5, 2017 AT 7:20 A.M.

Under School Choice, a parent/guardian can request his/her child be transferred to another school within the district other than the one serving their residence. School Choice applications for the 2017-2018 school year will be accepted no earlier than the first school business day of January and no later than the last school business day of February. Parents/guardians can submit only one school choice application for each student. In other words, parents/guardians may not request multiple schools under this process.

Application forms can be picked up at a NEISD campus and submitted at any NEISD campus. All applications must be hand delivered to any NEISD campus by the parent/guardian and upon delivery the parent/guardian must sign a log of receipt at the campus before the application can be processed. All applications will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis using the date and time when the application form was submitted.

NEISD does its best to accommodate families' requests; however, students are only transferred if there is space available at the requested school. Enrollment in the requested school at the start of the school year may not be possible based on projected enrollment/growth, classroom/building capacity, staffing, and special programs. In addition, the District maintains a number of seats at every school in order to ensure families moving into the attendance area have a seat available at the school servicing their residence. If seats are not available at the requested school, applicants will be approved on a contingency basis and placed on a wait list for the school/grade requested. Students on a wait list that are not offered a seat at the requested school during the school year will automatically be moved to the next grade level and remain on the wait list at the end of the school year.

The District will not provide transportation to students transferred under School Choice. Parents/guardians are responsible for transportation to the requested school.

Students accepted for a School Choice transfer will be not be eligible for varsity competition for one calendar year. However, the student may apply to the UIL for a waiver, but is not guaranteed that such waiver will be granted. Parents/Guardians are advised to check with the North East ISD athletic office for advice regarding the waiver process.

For more information, FAQs regarding School Choice can be found at or contact Pupil Personnel Services at (210) 407-0070.

(Revised June 2016)