CM&E Mission and Objectives

Our Mission is to create educational environments that promote exemplary student achievement through cost-effective and innovative facility designs.

Our Vision is to:

  • Design and construct quality, cost-effective buildings and facilities.
  • Complete projects Per Program, On Budget, and On Schedule with the program as approved by the Superintendent and the North East Independent School District Board of Trustees.
  • Construct facilities that provide students with vibrant learning environments that challenge and inspire academic excellence.

Our Objectives are to formulate, refine, manage, and implement — through prudent planning, design, bidding, and construction — bond programs that are:

  • Per Program - design projects within the approved program that are consistent with the District's educational specifications.
  • On Budget - enhancing the educational experience through conscientious management of public funds and trust utilizing both best-value and prudent value-engineering practices.
  • On Schedule - completing all bond projects within the approved project time lines with due diligence, integrity, and superior workmanship.