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We the People-Winners Announced for National High School Open Call _ Winners

Congratulations to two of our ETA at Roosevelt students, Andrew North and Dalena Do.  They are both in Art 1 Honors (Ms. Hinojosa) and Digital Media (Mrs. Gentry)
Their photographs were chosen as part of the National We The People Competition & Exhibition hosted by the School of Visual Art's (New York) BFA Photography and Video Department.
THE BFA PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO DEPARTMENT at the School of Visual Arts is excited to announce the winners of our national contest. Aiming to give voice to up-and-coming creative talents, We The People showcases a wide range of perspectives, exploring issues around individual and collective identities through photography and video.
Dalena Do's photographs have been selected for a print publication, and Andrew North's photographs have been selected as part of an online exhibition.
Their photographs were also featured as part of an award-winning magazine project for TSA, with Mrs. Gentry!
Congratulations to these amazing young artists!
Dalena Do, Andrew North and Emyli Stahley Photographers