Technology Student Association (TSA)

The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a national organization of students engaged in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
ETA offers a problem-based learning environment. Students are continually faced with solving real-life problems using the most current methods, modalities, and technology available. These tasks guide students into becoming very adept problem solvers with excellent critical thinking skills. Those skills are best shown in competitions hosted by the Technology Student Association (TSA).


  •  Sponsor - Grizelda Gentry,  Rick Saldana, James LaBelle, Domingo Martinez

    2020-2021 Club Officers:


    • President- Max Lozano

    • 1st Vice President - Isabella Gonzalez

    • 2nd Vice President - Joaquin Ortiz

    • Secretary -  Laritza Fernandez

    • Treasurer -  Matthew Moreno

    • Reporter -  Emmanuel Garcia

    • Sergeant at Arms - Gabrielle Ogilvie

    • Historian - Andrea McDonald

    • Parliamentarian - Danniela Zamora 


    • Freshman Liaison - Nathan Moreno

    • Freshman Liaison Assistant - 

    • Tutoring- My Le

    • Fundraiser - Ammar Thayani

    • Fundraiser - Maegen Oudie

    • Event coordinator - Nicole Garcia

    • Photographer- Vanessa Sanchez

    • Campaign Manager -  

    • Teacher’s Assistant - Abby Enriques