Apply to the KSAT Magnet Program

Start with 3 simple steps.

Apply Online (Required)

All online applications must be filled out by a parent or guardian.

Every application submitted is reviewed. You will be contacted regarding any additional documentation needed, if applicable. Submitting an online application to the KSAT program does not constitute an automatic entry.

KSAT uses an admissions rubric to evaluate student grades, standardized test scores, and conduct. Each student is assigned an application score based on the criteria. The top applicants are selected for the admission in the program. Students must have passed standardized tests, have good grades, and have good conduct.

KSAT Online Application Form

Shadow Visit (Optional)

Parent or Guadian approval is needed.

Shadowing at KSAT is by appointment at a time when the student and KSAT do not have conflicting activities.

Contact Ms. Gonzalez, Administrative Assistant for KSAT, to set up a date to shadow for 2-3 periods during the school day or set up a tour after hours. Check with your child’s school to find several dates where there are no special events or testing so we can coordinate your schedule with ours. Her phone number is 210-356-4706 and her email address is

Notification of Acceptance

When selections are made in February, all applicants will receive an email of “Acceptance” or will be place on the “Waitlist” for future consideration.

Thank you for applying to KSAT!