Who We Are

The Design and Technology Academy (DATA) is a magnet program emphasizing career and professional readiness in the fields of Animation, Audio/Video Production, Graphic Design & Digital Arts, and Video Game Design. DATA provides rigorous college preparation in both core and elective courses.

Our Cohort

Students entering into DATA as freshmen have the opportunity to be a part of a smaller learning cohort with core classes being held together. All freshmen and sophomores will take common classes in English, history and science to build a cohesive learning group and to build strong relationships with each other and their teachers.

Where Are We Located

DATA is nestled in its own corner of the Theodore Roosevelt High School campus. Students from across the district, as well as students from outside of the district, who meet required academic and behavioral standards may apply for admission and are accepted based on a lottery system.




DATA Middle School

Ed White Middle School

DATA High School

Roosevelt High School


457 Students

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Class of 2023 Graduates

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