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Preschool Programs for

Children with

Disabilities (PPCD)

child on playground equipment
  • PPCD is a continuum of programs and services for children ages 3-5 identified as eligible for special education services.
  • Services and placement are determined by the ARD/IEP committee. Certain services are available at all campuses. Some are at specific cluster schools or at community sites.
  • “3 is 3”: Services begin as soon as the child turns 3 and eligibility has been established.
  • Evaluations for preschoolers are done at the Preschool Assessment Center.
  • The Least Restrictive Environment is an important consideration. Early childhood instruction that focuses on the individual needs of the child, along with the age appropriate academic standards, is provided in the least restrictive environment.
  • Five year-olds receive services on the home campus.