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FREQUENTLY ASKED Questions regarding
Free and Reduced Price meals


How do I get in touch with the School Nutrition office?

We are located at 3623 Highpoint Street, San Antonio, Texas 78217.   For questions regarding free & reduced price meals, call 210-356-9113.  You may also email us at During the peak application processing period (the first few weeks of school) it may take us a day or two to return your call.  Please leave a voice mail message or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


What percentage of North East ISD students qualify for free or reduced-price meals?

48% of North East ISD students qualified for free or reduced meals for the 2015-2016 school year.


How do I apply for free or reduced-price meals for my children?

During the school year you can apply online or complete a paper application for free or reduced price meals and return it to the school or the School Nutrition Services office at 3623 Highpoint Street, San Antonio TX 78217.  Applications are mailed to each household at the beginning of the school year and are available anytime at the school upon request. 


Do I have to complete an application if I receive SNAP (food stamps) or TANF?

Submit an application if you have not received a letter from NEISD.  If you receive SNAP you must list the 9-digit Eligibility Group Number assigned by Texas Health & Human Services (not the “Case Number” on your application or your Lone Star card number.)

If you receive TANF you must list the TANF Case Number on your application.


Do I complete an application if I have already received a notice from NEISD indicating that my child is Directly Certified for free meals?

In most cases, no.  But read the letter carefully and call the School Nutrition office if you have not received letter(s) that list the names of all children in your household that attend school at North East ISD.


Should I fill out a different application for each child in my household?

No. Only one application (either online or paper) should be used for all students living in your household.  If you have an institutionalized student, fill out a separate application for that child.  If you need to make changes to the information you listed on your application, you can call the School Nutrition office at 210-356-9113 or email


My child's status is Foster, homeless, runaway or migrant. Do I have to fill out an application for my child?

Yes.  You can include their information on the application for the entire household.  You must check the box next to the child’s name in Section 1 of the application to indicate that he/she is participating in the program. If you are applying for a Foster, homeless, migrant or runaway student, call the school for more information.


How can I apply for my child who participates in Head Start?

You must complete an application and check the box in Section 1 to indicate your child’s status. 


Do I need to send proof of income with my application?

No.  If proof of income is needed, you will receive a letter from School Nutrition Services requesting the  documentation.


Will the information I list on my application be checked?

Yes. We may ask you to send written proof.


How soon will my application be processed?

During peak periods (especially the first three weeks of school) applications will be processed within 10 working days.  Applications received in non-peak periods will typically be processed within 4-5 days.


Will I be notified if I am approved or disapproved for meal benefits?

Yes.  You will receive a letter advising your eligibility status once your application has been processed.


What if I disagree with the school’s decision on my application?

You should contact the School Nutrition Services office at 210-356-9113.  You may also ask for a hearing by calling or writing to Misty Pace, Financial Analyst, 3623 Highpoint Street, San Antonio, Texas 78217; 210-356-9100.


If my household is approved for benefits do I have to report changes during the school year?

No. But if you have a loss of income, become eligible for SNAP or TANF or have an increase in the household members and you report it to the School Nutrition office, you may qualify for an increased level of benefits.


Will the information on my application be kept confidential?

Yes.  The information on your application is kept confidential.  In addition, the student’s participation in the program is kept confidential. Other students and teachers in the lunch line will not know if your child receives free or reduced price meals.


Can I apply for free and reduced price meals later in the school year?

You can apply online or request a paper application at any time during the school year. You can also re-apply if your household increases in size, your income decreases, or you are approved for SNAP or TANF.


Am I responsible for any meal charges before my application is approved?



Will my child’s free or reduced price meal benefits carry over from last year?

Unless your child was withdrawn before the end of last school year, the previous year’s status will carry over to the beginning of the new school year for a limited time.  Submit a new application for your child as soon as possible.  When your new application is processed your child’s eligibility will be changed to the new eligibility status effective the next school day. Your child should be prepared to pay for lunch if your income or family size has changed since last year’s  application was approved.  If we do not receive and approve your new application within the first 30 school days of the new school year, your child’s meal benefits will end on the 31st day of school.  


Do I need to submit a new application if I moved to NEISD from another school district in Texas during the school year?

No. If you have a copy of your approval letter for the current school year from the prior district your child attended, you may bring a copy of the letter to our office at 3623 Highpoint Street in San Antonio.  NEISD will verify the approval status with the prior school district.

School Nutrition Services │ 3623 Highpoint │ San Antonio, Texas 78217
Phone: (210) 356-9100 │ Fax: (210) 657-8920

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Updated July 13, 2016

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