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32 Hours

In this time period, students gather knowledge to form good reasoning and sound judgment, learn why good attitude and behavior are essential to safe driving and learn the basic responsibilities of a driver.

Instruction is given in the following areas:

 1.Traffic Laws and Rules

2. Driver Preperation

3. Vehicle Movements

4. Driver Readiness

5. Risk Reduction

6. Environmental factors

7. Distractions

8. Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness

9. Adverse Condistions

10. Vehicle Requirements

11. Consumer Responsibility

12. Personal Responsibility


20 Hours(7 hours behind-the-wheel driving & 13 hours in-car observation) 

The purpose of this area of instruction is to help the students demonstrate their ability and skill to execute maneuvers in the traffic patterns and to learn the concept of defensive driving.

 All students must pass a driving test at the end of their training to officially complete the course.

The following lessons are just a few of the instructions that will be taught by the behind-the-wheel instructor:

1. Residential (basic turns and control)

2. City traffic (light, moderate and heavy)

3. Rural and freeway (speed control, entrances, exits)

4. Parking skills (parallel, angle, perpendicular)   

5. Downtown (multiple lanes, one-way, etc.)

All the cars in the fleet

For more information please contact us:

NEISD Driver Education Office

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