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2007 Bond Program

NEISD's 2007 $498 million bond program addresses five critical areas: (1) Growth to 2012; (2) Facility Equity and Additions; (3) Technology ; (4) Transportation; and (5) District Sports Facility.

North East ISD 2007 Bond Program Summary - Pie Chart Growth to 2012 Growth to 2012 District Sports Facility District Sports Facility Transportation Transportation Facility Equity and Additions Facility Equity and Additions Technology Technology

Funding by Bond Sales = $498,049,000

Bond Interest Earned Revenue Projection = $57,837,755

Total Bond Funding = $555,886,755

Bond Constructed Projects with Major Focus:

  • Growth: Construct 4 New Schools (Cibolo Green, Tuscany Heights and 2 Other ES’s)
  • Land: Purchase 4 Elementary and 1 Middle School Site
  • Design: Complete Construction Drawings for New Middle & Elementary School and Baseball Stadium
  • Portable Replacements: Construct 4 Major Classroom Additions (Jackson-Keller, Larkspur, El Dorado and East Terrell Hills) to Replace 48 Portable Buildings or 96 Classrooms
  • Major Additions / Renovations: Construct Major Facility Additions at 2 High Schools (Churchill and Madison) addressing Athletic and Fine Arts Program Areas and Minor Facility Upgrades at Lee High School
  • Magnet Programs: Construct North East Agri-Science Facility (Phase I) including Classrooms, Lab Areas, Show Arena, Animal Project Centers and Admin Support Area, Security Upgrades and Civil Site Infrastructure
  • Extracurricular: Provide Middle School Athletic & Fine Arts Facility Upgrades (Garner, Eisenhower and White)
  • Minor Replacements: Replace Elementary School Metal Gymnasiums (19) with New Masonry Facilities
  • HVAC Upgrades: Provide District-wide Athletic and Fine Arts Facility HVAC Upgrades (Elementary, Middle & High) and Kitchen HVAC Upgrades at 15 Elementary School Campuses
  • Technology: Provide District-wide Technology Upgrades (Infrastructure and Equipment) including the Installation of Digital Projectors & Projection Screens in all District Classrooms and Laptops for All Teachers
  • Athletics: Construct New Athletic Facility (Football Stadium and Track/Field Events) at the District’s Longhorn Quarry and Upgrade the Sports Fields (Baseball & Softball) at Basse-McCullough Site for Night Use
  • Busses: Purchase New Busses (130) and Provide District- wide Facility MEP Infrastructure Replacements
  • Roofing: Provide Roofing Replacements (Minor & Major) at 12 District Facilities

Growth to 2012–$157.5M

Bulverde GreenNorth East ISD is projected to grow by approximately 2,000 students annually, which is equal to about 100 classrooms. At this time, there are five schools north of Loop 1604 that are capped to new enrollment due to student population growth. District data shows that the seven elementary schools north of Loop 1604 surpassed their total classroom and core (library, cafeteria and gym) capacity in 2006. This growth is not expected to slow down in the next nine years. Middle schools north of Loop 1604 (Bush, Lopez and Tejeda) are also expected to exceed their total classroom and core capacities by 2010.

Four new elementary schools will be designed and constructed as part of the 2007 Bond Program. Two new elementary schools will open in August 2010 (Tuscany Heights and Bulverde Green) and an additional two Elementary Schools in August 2012.

Facility Equity and Additions–$249.5M

A 2004-2005 facility assessment found that 56 percent of the District's 70 facilities Jackson-Keller Classroom Additionwere at least 20 years old. Many of these aging facilities received limited improvements from the 1995, 1998 or 2003 bonds. The largest portion of the 2007 bond proposal is devoted to facility equity and additions. This includes air conditioning installation in all school gymnasiums, locker rooms and extra-curricular areas; replacement of 96 portable classrooms with permanent additions; athletic and fine arts additions and upgrades at 25 campuses; North East Agriscience Churchill High School New Athletic Facility.Magnet Program upgrades at Madison High School; roofing projects at 11 campuses and the North East Police facility; facility infrastructure improvements; kitchen facility upgrades at 15 campuses; and restroom renovations in the MacArthur High School band hall and auditorium area, as well as the Eisenhower Middle School campus.


TechnologyNorth East is preparing for the state's long-range educational technology plan by 2010 and state-mandated online testing, both of which the 2007 bond would address. Additionally, the District wants to improve school safety by purchasing further technology, such as security cameras for all of its campuses. The 2007 bond proposal would fund instructional technology such as classroom computers, teacher laptops, distance learning equipment, projectors, graphing calculators, etc. It would also finance technology infrastructure like security cameras for all elementary and middle schools, additional security cameras at high school campuses, networking upgrades, and software purchases and upgrades. Instructional technology bonds will be repaid in five years and infrastructure bonds will be repaid in 10 years to reflect the life of the purchased technology.


TransportationIn five years, 172 buses out of a fleet of 372 will exceed 15 years of use. The District is also expecting a projected increase in enrollment of 14 percent by 2011 and possibly as many as eight new schools opening by 2012. These factors are considered in the 2007 bond proposal with the purchase of 130 new buses.

District Sports Facility–$27.8M

New Athletic Facility - Heroes StadiumWith Johnson High School opening in 2008, scheduling will become more difficult at Blossom Athletic Center. Games will have to be scheduled on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons, creating late school nights and hot September afternoons for players, band members, spirit groups, JROTC teams, parents and fans. Less than six percent of the 2007 bond package would fund the construction of a District football/soccer stadium with an eight-lane track. The facility would include seating for 10,000 spectators and parking for 2,500 vehicles. The bond package also includes design costs for a baseball stadium to be built under a future bond program.

For further information, please view the 2007 Budget Report and Presentations.