1995 Bond Program

1995 Bond Program Summary

Funding by Bond Sales = $147,485,000

Bond Interest Earned Revenue Projection = $12,800,000

Total Bond Funding = $160,285,000

Bond Constructed Projects with Major Focus:

  • Growth: Growth: Constructed 4 New District Campuses (Reagan High, Bush Middle and Huebner & Longs Creek Elementary Schools)
  • Land: Purchased 1 Middle and 2 Elementary School Sites
  • Facility Additions and Renovations: Constructed various Classroom Additions at 20 Campuses (3 HS, 5 MS, & 12 ES) with a total of 147 New Classrooms
  • Extracurricular Programs: Constructed New Fine Arts Additions at Churchill and MacArthur High Schools
  • Campus Support Areas and Programs:
    • Constructed a New Library at Madison High School
    • Constructed New Clinics at 9 Campuses
    • Constructed Support Area Renovations at various Campuses
  • Technology:
    • Installed Campus Network Systems, equipped New Computer Labs and provided Classroom Technology Equipment
    • Provided Mechanical and Electrical Upgrades to Support New Classroom Technology Systems & Computer Labs
  • Life-Safety and ADA: Improved Accessibility at Campuses across the District and Upgraded Fire Alarm/Fire Protection Systems
  • Facility Maintenance: Provided District-wide Maintenance Equipment Replacements and MEP System Upgrades

For further information, please view the 1995 Bond Executive Summary (PDF) and the Bond Detailed Summary (PDF).