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Cibolo Green students embrace safe driving

Johnson Smart Driving Club members by the Cibolo Green safe driving signThe Johnson High School PTSA Smart Driving Club is spreading their message to North East ISD students in the afterschool Kids' Involvement Network (KIN).

KIN provides afterschool enrichment activities and supervision for elementary and middle school students. They often have fun guests stop by, whether it’s community partners and businesses or North East ISD high school students. This week, Johnson students visited with KIN students at Cibolo Green Elementary School to discuss the importance of safe driving.

"We are here to teach you about safe driving because you deserve to be safe on your way home and you can use your voice from the back seat to remind those driving you to keep their eyes on the road,” said Club Sponsor Melinda Cox.

A key part of their safe driving lesson was teaching the younger students how they can be advocates for safe driving from the back seat.

"Sharing ideas of safe driving with young students will help them become safe drivers their whole lives and the influence will help the parents understand the importance of driving without distractions,” said senior Smart Driving Club member Anish Koturi.

In partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), club students talked about the importance of safety for walkers, bus riders, bike riders and passengers. Club students tasked their elementary counterparts with taking on the role of back seat advocates. KIN students were asked to remind the family and friends in their lives to never drive distracted, follow the speed limit and always wear their seatbelts.

Students then signed a Don't Drive Distracted banner which was hung as a reminder to all who visit the Cibolo Green Champions.

Cibolo Green KIN kids sign the safe driving sign A KIN kid holds safe driving sign

Posted by Lila Stanley
Posted on 3-24-22