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North East ISD is undergoing a facilities planning process in 2014-2015 that includes a needs assessment of its facilities, technology, equipment, library collections, and other resource program areas.

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Transforming the Future Specific Results Addressed for Year Two

North East ISD’s Transforming the Future initiative was first launched in September 2013. The process has kept momentum as it continues its mission to build a revised educational foundation for the betterment of our students. With eight goals and 36 specific results developed by the Strategic Design Committee, a group of dedicated administrators addressed nine of the specific results last year and for the 2015-2016 school year will address eleven specific results. After year two, 16 specific results will be left to address in the near future

“One of my goals is to make sure that we continue our long tradition of excellence by ensuring our students have access to innovative learning experiences,” said Dr. Brian G. Gottardy, Superintendent of Schools, as he presented to administrators in the beginning of the school year. “This process honors the voice of the business leaders, community members, parents, students, and teachers who provided input on this process.”

These administrators, or implementation chairpersons, have full-time jobs but are dedicating extra time to address these specific results. The group has created action steps for each specific result, such as the development of a community service marketplace for students to more easily locate volunteer opportunities. This action step is part of Specific Result 6D, which is to implement leadership opportunities at the campus level that require community service hours and result in recognition.

Additionally, the current election being held for a $499.95 million bond program stems from Specific Result 8A, which aimed to implement a tangible resource plan district-wide to support equity among all campuses. To learn more about the 2015 Bond proposal click here.

The Transforming the Future initiative has been a rigorous process, but all the dedication from NEISD parents, employees, students and community members is paying dividends as these action steps are progressively implemented. The Strategic Design Team is looking forward to continue their work in early February 2016. To follow the Transforming the Future process from the very beginning click here.


  • Establish a learning environment in which educators provide frequent opportunities for personalized learning.
  • Create lesson plans in each content area that focus on the incorporation of real world scenarios and situations relevant to the instructional state standards.
  • Ensure a stable infrastructure of both staff and hardware that is capable of supporting a one-to-one student/device ratio and/or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scenarios that enable staff and students to efficiently and effectively utilize technology.
  • Set expectations and support teachers in providing meaningful, frequent, individualized, two-way feedback, which will enable student ownership in learning.
  • Create the expectation for and nurture the teachers’ freedom to design authentic, engaging learning experiences.
  • Create, maintain, and/or promote student involvement programs at all levels to develop a 360-degree leader.
  • Implement leadership opportunities at the campus level that require community services hours and result in recognition.
  • Expand and strengthen the existing database of partnership contacts that can be accessed through a centralized system.
  • Expand our use of technology to make partnership opportunities readily accessible to partners and employees.
  • Implement a tangible resource plan district-wide to assist campuses that do not meet current district minimum standards for facilities, technology, equipment, library collections, and other resource program areas.

updated 01/21/15