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North East ISD is undergoing a facilities planning process in 2014-2015 that includes a needs assessment of its facilities, technology, equipment, library collections, and other resource program areas.

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Strategic Design Team Setting Year 2 Goals

The North East ISD Transforming the Future Initiative is continuing its mission to build a revised educational foundation for the betterment of our children. A Strategic Design Team composed of teachers, parents, staff, Board Members, community members, and students came together last year around this time. Through a series of eleven hour day meetings, the group developed eight year-one goals. On Jan. 21, the group reconvened to develop year-two goals, which will bring forth new challenges that the District is excited to take on.

Strategic Design Team The Strategic Design Team breaks into group discussion as they set two-year goals.
Strategic Design Team NEISD Executive Director of Curriculum Compliance Colleen Bohrmann, discusses one of the proposed goals at the meeting.

The meetings include group discussion and brainstorming sessions that revolve around key beliefs outlined in the Transforming the Future Strategic Plan. Thanks to data collected from community forums, focus groups and an online survey, the Strategic Design Team will have a wealth of information to guide them through the process.

About Transforming the Future

North East ISD “Transforming the Future” is a strategic design project that requires involvement from the entire community to build a revised educational foundation for the betterment of our children. This rethinking of how our approximately 68,000 students learn will include, but is not limited to—advanced technology, teaching strategies, and teaching philosophies—leading to a shared Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Action Steps.


Strategic Design team Trustee Brigitte Perkins (left) discusses Goal 8 with her fellow team members.

The new specific results for 2015-2016:

  • Establish a learning environment in which educators provide frequent opportunities for personalized learning.
  • Create lesson plans in each content area that focus on the incorporation of real world scenarios and situations relevant to the instructional state standards.
  • Ensure a stable infrastructure of both staff and hardware that is capable of supporting a one-to-one student/device ratio and/or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scenarios that enable staff and students to efficiently and effectively utilize technology.
  • Set expectations and support teachers in providing meaningful, frequent, individualized, two-way feedback, which will enable student ownership in learning.
  • Create the expectation for and nurture the teachers’ freedom to design authentic, engaging learning experiences.
  • Create, maintain, and/or promote student involvement programs at all levels to develop a 360-degree leader.
  • Implement leadership opportunities at the campus level that require community services hours and result in recognition.
  • Expand and strengthen the existing database of partnership contacts that can be accessed through a centralized system.
  • Expand our use of technology to make partnership opportunities readily accessible to partners and employees.
  • Implement a tangible resource plan district-wide to assist campuses that do not meet current district minimum standards for facilities, technology, equipment, library collections, and other resource program areas.

updated 01/21/15